Casey Anthony Working As Her Lawyer’s Maid – Murder Mom has a Job

Casey Anthony Working As Her Lawyer's Maid - Murder Mom has a Job

According to reports, Casey Anthony is now working as her lawyer’s maid. Oh, how the mighty the disgraced media famewhores/murderers have fallen. Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted during her trial, she is now forced to work as a maid to the lawyer that saved her life.

Well, that’s what happens when you’re accused of killing your own daughter and you just happen to get off on mere technicalities. If anything, she owes her entire life to her lawyer, and being her maid for a little while is little repayment.

Casey pretty much disappeared from the public in July 2011, after she got acquitted. Since then, she’s reportedly been holed up at the home of J. Cheney Mason, one of her attorneys during the trial. However, she’s now being forced back into the spotlight thanks to more personal troubles, including another set of legal burdens.

Casey filed bankruptcy papers in January of 2013, but she failed to specify that she was working as a maid for Mason at the time. In the papers, she has listed herself as unemployed and income as zero, even though that’s not the truth.

A former PR consultant for Mason revealed to the press, “She’s staying in his house and acting as a housekeeper – and working there. She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public. The value of that accommodation has to be ascribed as income on the bankruptcy application and it’s not!”

Well, of course she’s not. Does anyone really trust anything Casey says or does at this point? However, karma might come back around to kick her in the ass, especially if she’s found guilty of lying about her bankruptcy. She could face up to five years in jail and numerous fines if she’s convicted, especially as the courts are looking into Casey’s records to determine the truth.

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