Casey Anthony’s Shocking Public Appearance (Photo)

Casey Anthony's Shocking Public Appearance (Photo)

“Murder Mom” Casey Anthony has finally crawled out of her Florida hole in order to do something that would just benefit herself. Of course this nitwit filed for bankruptcy protection — because it has to be hard spending all of your money on lawyers to get yourself acquitted of murdering your poor, innocent baby girl. At least that’s what we’re guessing.

She has been holing up somewhere in the state of Florida since her acquittal and hasn’t been able to land herself any kind of job. So, in order to satisfy the bankruptcy court, she had to emerge. She appeared outside in the public in Tampa earlier today for her bankruptcy hearing in which she has to face her creditors. TMZ has more:

Anthony filed for Chapter 7 back in January, saying she owes over $800,000 to about 80 creditors … and has no income to speak of.

Anthony has kept a very low profile since her high-profile trial ended in 2011, only having been seen in blurry restaurant photos and random YouTube videos.

You can see the picture of Casey’s emergence over at TMZ!