Cheryl Hines Knows RFK Jr. Cheating With Other Women: Just Wants Kennedy Marriage, Doesn’t Care – Chelsea Kirwan

Cheryl Hines Knows RFK Jr. Cheating With Other Women: Just Wants Kennedy Marriage, Doesn't Care - Chelsea Kirwan

In spite of rumors of infidelity Cheryl Hines was still standing by her man, Robert F. Kennedy on the fourth of July, leading some to speculate that they have already worked through their issues. Instead it turns out that Hines has been well aware of Bobby’s other women and simply doesn’t care as long as he intends to marry her. According to the July 14th print edition of the National Enquirer his mistress of two years, Chelsea Kirwan claims that there’s no way a marriage between the couple will last.

Apparently they intend to have a bi-coastal marriage and Bobby has already more than proven that he can’t stay loyal. Kirwan claims that on more than one occasion she has vacationed at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port- while Bobby was dating Hines. She claims that Hines is just focused on becoming a Kennedy and that goal is allowing her to turn a blind eye to the sort of relationship that she’s really in. Perhaps she hasn’t paid close enough attention to how miserable Bobby’s previous wives’ have ended up.

Kirwan was supposedly upset to learn the truth herself as she claims to have had no idea that Bobby and Hines were in a serious relationship. Do you think that she’s right about Hines and her motives or is Kirwan sounding like sour grapes because she has been left in the dust? Perhaps it’s actually a bit of both, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • She doesn’t know anything. Every word out of his mouth is a lie and she is too stupid to understand this basic concept: history always repeats itself, and I would add, especially when there is no change in his behavior. This is a fair bet, twice an adulterer three times an adulterer. He cheated on his first two wife’s, he’ll cheat on his third, oh that’s right, he’s already cheated on her and with so many women. Some she knows personally and even socializes with and others she doesn’t. She’ll find out sooner or later the truth, the real truth. If she still marries him she’s certifiable!

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