Dancing With the Stars Season 18 FIXED: Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy Picked To Win Before Cast Was Announced

Dancing With the Stars Season 18 FIXED: Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy Picked To Win Before Cast Was Announced

I have called foul on this season of Dancing With The Stars from the second they announced the cast because it was simply never going to be fair. You can’t put two trained ice dancers who have spent most of their lives focusing on ballroom dance holds and lifts into the mix and declare it anyone’s trophy to win. Both Meryl Davis and Charlie White walked through the door with a huge advantage and it was painfully clear that ABC fully intended to cause drama between the two by pitting them against each other. I really did expect it to turn into a battle between the evenly matched Olympic Champions but things have really taken a different turn, haven’t they?

Instead of running with the rivalry between the two ABC has made it painfully clear that Meryl and her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy are expected to win. Of course the producers of DWTS are showcasing the romance between the two – as if! Regardless of what Charlie or anyone else does on that ballroom floor the bias has been made obvious. Have you noticed how even when Charlie’s performance is miles above the majority of the contestants that are still left he is completely knocked down anyway? Even Ricky Martin said earlier this week that he couldn’t believe the negative reaction that the judging panel had and it is simply because Meryl has already been chosen. They want the viewers at home to call in and vote for her.

Ironically, Charlie may very well be the better dancer of the two. Meryl is used too focusing on herself and being the focal point. A good, strong male partner almost has to be better than the women to do the steps, keep the flow and pull his own weight all while showcasing the lady on his arm. Charlie does double duty each and every week and there is absolutely nothing there for the judges to bash. They just realize that viewers trust their judgment and the Disney Princesss is supposed to win this season. Do you think the show is fixed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Mirela

    Well duh the show is fixed. Hello? Zendaya!

  • Leann

    I actually disagree that Charlie is the better dancer. His paso doble last night showed this. His footwork was sloppy (too many extra steps), not crisp enough, and he had mistakes. 36 was pretty much a fair score to me.

  • Sarah


  • rge

    The only way it will be fixed is if Meryl Davis doesn’t win. She is, by far, the best dancer of the contestants and has been under scored on several dances while other contestants have been favored because of popularity or a disability. In truth, it isn’t even close and maybe the judges are either under scoring her or giving others higher scores than they deserve to create suspense. Check the video of her Rumba. Maybe she didn’t slide her feet and press into the floor enough to get the desired Cuban motion but this is very difficult to master with one week of preparation and she came closer to doing it correctly than any other contestant did on their Latin dances. And she did point her toes, at least, with what was shown on TV. —– Ice Dancing is very different from Ballroom Dancing. Ice skates vs dancing shoes, different technique, ice rink vs a wooden floor, etc. And many of the other contestants may well have had formal dancing lessons in their past. It’s probably just their natural ability allowing them to do well but isn’t that what it’s about?—– If you think Meryl or Charlie have an unfair advantage don’t invite them. But having been invited, don’t insult people’s intelligence by giving a higher score to someone whose dancing was obviously inferior. If the contest is about who is the holiest Christian, most popular, or deserves the most sympathy then fine, give the trophy to someone else but rename the show. I thought it was supposed to be about who was the best dancer and it is obvious to most people that is Meryl Davis. The viewers aren’t blind and if someone wins because she has prosthetics they’re going to know it was fixed.

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  • Catbuster

    After the first two or three weeks I thought it was a certainty that A&D would win because the producers had realized that the combination of the sympathy factor (paraOympia with no feet or lower legs plus the so-called DWTS Golden Boy was too good to pass up. And that was reinforced when Carrie Anne made her “when you–when and if you win” comment to Amy. There have usually been people on the show with advantages that would make them more likely to win or at least get to the finals: Evan L. Kristi Y., Nicole S., Jennifer G., Sabrina B., etc. And sometimes they HAVE won and sometimes not. I think what happened here was that eveything reallty came together for this particular couple: choreography, technique, chemistry, the Works to make them the obvious winners. In the 18 year-run of DWTS I don’t remember any other couple having the impact or the consistency that these two have had. And the producers had nothing to do with that, no matter how much you may NOThave wanted Maks and his partner to win, Cate. Better to have kept your innuendo to yourself.