David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Breakup: Just Friends With Benefits – David Back With Tea Leoni – CDL Exclusive

David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Breakup: Just Friends With Benefits - David Back With Tea Leoni! - CDL Exclusive

All right, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson shippers, we’ve got some heartbreaking news for you. Apparently, according to an exclusive CDL source, the Duchillian relationship has been put on ice, leaving room for Tea Leoni to wiggle her way back into David’s life. Tea and David were spotted together on Fire Island, NY for Father’s Day. And they weren’t simply spotted…they were spotted being quite affectionate with one another. As their children played on the beach, they kissed and appeared to be one super happy couple.

CDL’s exclusive source, who contacted us on Monday, says, “David Duchovny and Tea Leoni were on Fire Island, NY for Fathers Day June 15. They were seen snuggling and kissing on the beach while their kids played with friends.”

The source continues to say that the whole relationship between David and Gillian was nothing more than a sexual arrangement — a friends with benefits situation: “Brad Davidson who is president of Think Say Records where David is recording an album, claims that Davids relationship with former co-star Gillian Anderson was just a friends with benefits situation and now David and Tea are back on, David is no longer with Gillian. Pics of him and Tea online.”

We reported on May 22nd that David and Gillian had come to a crossroads in their relationship, primarily due to David’s skyrocketing career and Gillian’s, well, struggling career. Although they recently began openly flirting on Twitter (and working their fans into a heated frenzy), the recent cancellation of Gillian’s NBC series Crisis has dealt a huge blow to their relationship. Do you think there’s some jealousy at work here?

Seems as if Duchillian is kaput. But do all you shippers out there still maintain hope? Do you think we’ll be seeing them back together in the future? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. We know you feel passionately about these two, and we NEED to hear from you!

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30 responses to “David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Breakup: Just Friends With Benefits – David Back With Tea Leoni – CDL Exclusive”

  1. Lopita says:

    it’s all bullshit!!!

  2. Lopita says:

    it’s all bullshit!!!

  3. Laima says:

    it’s all bullshit!

  4. Lopita says:

    This is complete nonsense!!!

  5. Sheridan Lee says:

    This is sad. What a horrible way by dave to use Gillian. I hope she finds someone deserving of her. If his goal was to only get back with his ex wife he should never have used someone he claims to love as a close friend. I guess the truth has finally come out. I had wished him and Gillian would be together. My fan heart breaks but thinks maybe G is better off! Be careful what you tell your friends Dave!!

  6. jody says:

    Sorry for all you who think DD and GA were destined to be together but we present the gossip and news as it comes to us – don’t kill the messenger!

  7. Japes says:

    Gillian Anderson is punching well above her weight here. She may have been an (unlikely) sex symbol in the 90’s and has aged beautifully but he is well out of her league, even if he is a dirty old dog. Ultimately he just wants to be with his wife and f**k anything that drifts into his life in the meantime and Hollywood being Hollywood won’t argue, he is a man after all. Just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. Ouch!

  8. LikeYouDontKnow says:

    Look, the only one who likes to play this dirty game of who sleeps with who is GA. That’s why when she tweeted David her dirty not-funny-anymore-jokes he let them pass. You can not hide DD has feelings for someone else or that’s what you will listen to in his upcoming album. DD and GA are nothing but friends. Down with the lies we know how many times this site has posted evident lies. You see DD in NYC and then this site says he is elsewhere. False. It’s closer to the truth saying DD is with TL, all the songs he’s writting are about them so this site can’t make up lies anymore. They better see reality now, this site is trying to clean up their mess and they don’t care if they make look bad anyone involved.

  9. Katilin says:

    Oh hell!! Didn’t see this one coming!! I hope Gillian and David can remain close friends. They seem to share a special bond. I hope that this doesn’t break it.

  10. Mariska says:

    I guess negative publicity for Thinksay Records is better than no publicity. Sounds to me that this guy wants to cash in on Davids fame. While hurting Gillian in the process. Thats not right. With the amount of fans who are fiercely dedicated to Gillian, this will backfire on you, Mr.Davidson. no doubt about it.

  11. Lisa Cook says:

    OK SO THIS IS THE THING DUDE…i see you are on Twitter Brad- get ready for an on slaught of hate mail. Well deserved I would say. To share a secret like this hurting a woman you probably don’t know personally is shameful! Especially since she is an accomplished actress and you are a nobody. As for David – sure people love you and all ur great work on xfiles/californication etc but as much as we love to see you on tv- we ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gillian Anderson!! Do what you want with Tea- but leave your disgusting comments and garbage leaked dirty water cooler conversations to yourselves! When it comes to Gillian!! Who cares if you’re back with yr ex? You deserve each other. Next time pick someone out of tge garbage to be your play thing- not someone as lovable, goify, charismatic, charming as Gillian. Sickos!!

  12. JUSTIN says:

    It would be interesting to know since when they have this type of relation, CDL you can ask for it BRAD because e I think that if it is true it has been one moment since that lasts, maybe even for 21 years

  13. JUSTIN says:

    This story rings false and I think of
    an operation of breathlessness because after friends – lovers’ notion
    explain all their behavior and especially the bad performances
    of GA
    it is a good actress but a bad liar, In any case if it is the case, very
    iintelligent DD because people seem to fall into the trap. LOL

  14. JUSTIN says:

    Can you say it more?

  15. GinaP says:

    Gillian is a big girl and if this bothers her why doesn’t she release a statement about it? She found it ever so amusing when it was about them being together and that wasn’t true – maybe she find this as much fun. She probably thinks friends with benefits is a totally okay way to live her life – her favorite character does. No one owes her an apology because if she gets one Tea Leoni deserves a bigger one. People only hate Leoni because she spoiled their dream of David and Gillian together – GROW UP.
    David wanting to be with his ex is a lot more believable than him being with Gillian. Gillian is a good actress and pretty but they have nothing in common – they are not Mulder and Scully! David and Leoni are must better suited for each other and they have kids to consider too.

    • treena says:

      I think you have forgotten something here GinaP….tea and david were never spotted kissing. They were about a foot apart on a towel at the beach. Lol. You may be a Leoni lover. Thats cool. I don’t know David, Gil or Tea personally so don’t have an opinion on who i like most……But no reason to bash Gillian or say she enjoys her sex life like her favorite character. Implying something when u dont even know her. The truth is David and Tea aren’t together and David & Gillian aren’t either. They are all single. Sorry to burst your bubble of being a tl and dd fan. But everyone is just friends. Accept it and move on.

      • GinaP says:

        @treena where did I say that David and Leoni were together?- I said David wanting to be with his ex made more sense. I also never said they wee spotted doing anything more than watching their kids.
        Gillian said that she admires the way Stella is and that she relates to her – not a big leap to imagine she is taking a break from relationships and prefers the casual thing – she has bounced from relationship to relationship in her life and admits she is the only common element in her relationship failure so she’s not perfect like all the snoggers believe.
        I agree with the fact that they are all single – Gillian is too busy David is a sex addict and Tea is who knows – she could likely date someone and no one ever realize – people don’t generally recognize her.
        ANd the only people that need to accept anything are the people living in David and Gillian fantasy land.

    • Laima says:

      Tea is a disgrace, not the woman, here in Russia, so only trash bitch look.

  16. monstarika says:

    ” Gillian’s, well, struggling career. ” ROLF American are we? Gillian’s career is nowhere near struggling. She’s made the choice to move to England, and that’s where she works, extremely successfully I might add. She also prefers having time for her kids and doesn’t embark on projects that are too time-consuming. Yet she still manages to do theatre, movies and tv.

    As for the other crap addressed in this “article” (for lack of a better word): GILLIAN/DAVID IS NOT A THING. They joke about it on twitter because it’s gotten to be so ridiculous that it’s all the can do to joke about it.
    I’m a little disappointed at all the comments who seem to take this piece of shit as news.

  17. Nina says:

    Wherever she is in the world right now, Gillian Anderson is laughing her ass off! First off, Tea is not back with David and secondly I’m not sure if G& D ever had a fwb relationship but hell who cares if they did? Both sexy as hell & shes probably happy that everyone knows she tapped that shit!! I think they are very close but not sure how or why this Brad dude got into this. Did he really say something or is somebody trying to start shit?? Who knows. Anyway, I don’t think gillian or Dave pay much attention- they probably had a good laugh over it ;)

  18. Boudinette says:

    Will DD and GA divorce ? Will DD marry TL again ? Just a question, as you already informed us that DD & DA were married and that DD and TL were divorced…Lol !

  19. SomeoneNeedsHelp says:

    In your head

  20. GinaP says:

    IT is ALWAYS Gillian talking about how close they are – never David. I think he values their friendship, thinks she’s pretty and talented but frankly I don’t think he’s attracted to her at all! That doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, it is just that she’s more into him than he is to her. That being said that is a hell of a lot different than being married and raising kids – not a romantic notion of perfect love but real nitty gritty real life – that doesn’t always work out.
    I have heard claims that David and Leoni were divorced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and now 2013. What about 2012 and 2014? I can believe that They might be divorced now within the last two years. Doesn’t mean that their relationship between the two of them is over – plenty of divorced couples still have a thing for each other which explains several sightings of them without their kids.
    I think David and Gillian are friends that might have had a fling back in the day now – don’t buy it nor do I buy the snogger theory.

    • Tracey says:

      Yeah ITA with u guys. David, of course tries to get along with Tea for their kids sake. But thats over and done with. This article is wrong & I highly doubt he will ever get back with her. As GA said too, her & David know each other too well to get involved. They both r great parents. He puts on a front so his children don’t suffer & Gillian is a wonderful momwho only takes jobs that wont take her away from her kids for long. They have a beautiful friendship which isn’t sullied by a nasty break up or anything. They should keep it that way. When you go thru bad times, nothing like a great friend to help u thru them. David wants another x f movie- he loves being around G. I don’t blame him. ;)

  21. SisterSpooky says:

    No. Gillvony forever

  22. GinaP says:

    There ARE people denying the obvious; those that believe that David and Gillian are married, live in New York and have three kids together. There is not one single bit of evidence that is true. What there is repeated evidence of is that David and Tea get along and are there for their children. I don’t even believe David and Tea are together BUT I do think they still have feelings for each other. Snoggers need to suck it up and throw in the towel – Give me a picture like this of David and GILLIAN and I’ll rethink my stance!

  23. crab says:

    A bit fishy! When there is new news about DD and GA, sooner or later there is also new news about DD and TL, and vice versa. Just coincidence? Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell
    the theory of conspiracy.

  24. crab says:

    OMG! Is it true? I think Tea is not only feeling threatened, but jealous of Gillian too. Hope that D is brilliant enough to choose – G or T? Friend or ex. “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”
    ? Eleanor Roosevelt