Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Anne Judson-Yager Replacing Alison Sweeney – Will Sami be Recast?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Anne Judson-Yager Replacing Alison Sweeney - Will Sami be Recast?

Days of Our Lives spoilers were released months ago teasing that Alison Sweeney was leaving the NBC soap opera. Time is winding down and Sami Brady’s final air date is growing closer and closer. The actress revealed on May 23rd on social media that she had completed filming her final scenes, which means that her last air date will be around the middle of October.

The strange thing is, the character Sami Brady doesn’t seem anywhere near ready to leave Salem. Generally when a major character is about to be killed off or leaving town for good, there starts to be signs leading up to their departure. For example, if John Black leaves DOOL, no one will by shocked because he is in a coma. When Camila Banus was leaving Days of Our Lives you could tell weeks ahead before she said her goodbye, because she confessed to murder.

There just haven’t been any signs or reason to believe that Sami Brady is exiting the canvas, which leads us to wonder, maybe we won’t be saying good-bye to the iconic character? Perhaps TPTB at Days of Our Lives are recasting the character of Sami Brady? It’s hard to imagine any other actress playing the part of Sami Brady, but it’s even harder to imagine Days of Our Lives without Sami Brady.

So, who has NBC decided to cast as Sami Brady? Well, rumors have been making their way around the internet via social media and message boards for months now, that actress Anne Judson-Yager is the next Sami Brady. And, as you can see their resemblance is uncanny. If the rumors are true and NBC is on the search for a new Sami Brady, then Anne Judson-Yager might be able to slip in to the role without any of us noticing!

What do you think DOOL fans? Do you think that we will be saying good-bye to Sami Brady all together, or do you think that TPTB are going to recast the part? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Here is what fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook have to say:

I would say send Sami to Colorado to visit Grandma and Grandpa for at least a year then recast if Alison doesn’t come back. The character Sami needs a break. Bring back Belle and Shawn Douglas.

Definitely kill her off. Nobody can replace her. It wouldn’t feel right!

Not sure I’m liking a recast. I just can’t see anyone else playing Sami Brady but Allison Sweeney.

Great idea to replace her with a look alike. The same with EJ.

Put her in a coma… so Ali can come back one day!

If they cast this close in appearance actress I would be interested in seeing how she grows into the part of Sami… You would be surprised how well some characters fit in and it is often better than loseing the presence of the character.

According to Alison Sweeney they left where she can come back from time to time. I think most of the fans would have a fit, if they recast her character. Please, say it isn’t so!!!

Yes, Allison is moving to work at GH but supposedly not to act – will she return to DOOL, only time will tell.

  • PassionQueen77

    I think the new woman playing Sami Brady would be a great idea. Anne looks so much like Alison Sweeney. When Anne plays Sami Bradyt this fall she will play Sami very well.

    • desnic

      I just would be so HAPPY to see Alison Sweeny go. I fast forward all her scenes . Sorry Alison, but I have never been a fan of yours and would love after all these years to see you go.
      Her acting is bad, and a replacement of any kind would be refreshing.

      • imo

        Omgosh! I thought I was the only one. She over acts in every scene imo.

      • ForeverSummer

        No her acting is good i bet you cant even act yourself. She is a good actress ,Kristen Dimera is a good actress i like her but someone times i dont like her because of how the writters write her storyline to be evil.

        Alison acting is not a bad acting bro you cant even act maybe you yourself should apply for the positions? Peace and blessing xox :)

        • I love sands of time


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  • John Brito

    How can any of this be true at any point? Allison Sweeney said herself that the writers had written a send off storyline for Sami Brady to which she could eventually reprise the role next year for the 50th anniversary of DOOL to make a guest apperance to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary on the air. Come on guys this is old news she has clarified that in interviews.

  • PassionQueen77

    Did i asked for your opinion about who is going to replace Sami no i didn’t. The new girl that is going to play Sami Brady will do a good job as her. You can hate all you want but your opinion sucks. Alison Sweeney was good as playing Sami but she is leaving the show. Someone else has to play her right. Use your brain if you have one.

    • Stephrn

      Oh so you can have an opinion but no one else can. Stop bullying people on here. Your opinions, in my opinion, suck too! Just like when you said Abigail was pregnant and uh oh, guess what, we were all right and you weren’t. I don’t know why they let you on this thread when all you do is bully people. Sami Brady won’t be recast bc she already said in an interview that they were leaving it open for her to come back for holidays and for the 50th anniversary! I guess time will tell but in the meantime if you want people to respect your opinion then you need to respect others opinions.

  • RMB

    Maybe this is why Sami’s hair color is darker. Alison made a comment about leaving Days – that she is glad to have her blond hair back. But, spoilers list the kids leaving the show. Why would they leave if Sami is staying?

  • desnic

    nasty are you. it is ones right to give there opinion. it is so much easier to give your opinion in kind instead of being rude. It is just a show after all.

  • Shaw Sway

    Sami and the younger children need to go away. Alison Sweeney did such an excellent job and had too much longevity that an immediate replacement won’t be accepted by the audience. The character anyway could use a break

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  • I love sands of time

    Stephrn made you look bad !!unintelligible, loser.go bang your imaginary boyfriend..hahaha…stop posting ur crap and were all tired of your bullying ways!! So , u lonely pathetic bum get a life..


    If Sami is replace it will ruin the soap she is that good but if she does leave no one can play her part every let her stay

  • I love sands of time

    OK pq77 I’ll cool it on the name calling. As much as I don’t like your opions. U have every right to express your point of views on here ….

  • I love sands of time

    Stfu..mind your own business lowlife..

  • I love sands of time

    Hahaha you put Steve in his place.

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  • Clotella Renee Southwood

    You guys are crazy if you think that you can replace Allison Sweeny/Sami Brady with someone else! There will never be anyone near as good to play that part! There just going to ruin it. To me it would be better if the screen writer wrote it out to kill her off the show for good. When Allison leaves Sami leaves!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  • donna

    Ugh why cant it be Kelly Monaco leaving GH. I HATE that slut and her character has ruined a once great show. The ratings plummeted since they put that trick on to eat the show day after day :(

  • Aud

    Wow. Guess I need to look elsewhere for intelligent Days conversation. All you all do is bash each other. This a tv show, seriously.

    • PassionQueen77

      This post is so old. Why are you bothering commenting about what i said to Jeff L. Are you Jeff L wife or something. I don’t think so. Get lost you lowlife sonabitch. No really of course i bash others. Why do you think i do that skank. Use your brain if you have one. Go comment on the new posts that has been happening for the last few days hoe. You are such a bitch who doesn’t know what you are saying on here. Of course this is a tv show but everybody has there own opinion about the show no duh. Haters gonna hate all the time on here.

  • long time Sami fan

    I think people don’t need to be fighting on here, that is not the purpose of the sight. I have watched Sami since she first came on the show. For someone like me after all these years no one can replace her. I love EJ too, with both of them gone I can’t see any reason for me to ever watch again. Allison Sweeney’s last day on the show will be the last day I will watch, there are not many charactersI like left. I used to like Nicole, but don’t like what they have made her into anymore.

  • m walker

    Well I think a recast is the wrong move, they should let Sami go to Colorado get over what and come back in a year or so. I mean look at what they did too Will when they replaced him.the currenot will can not compare. The original was so much better.

  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    Pay no mind to this dumb hag (PassionQueen77) – all she does is argue with people on literally every article she sees. She is the definition of a waste of life

    • PassionQueen77

      lol you are talking about is yourself. You have no life and you just want to get involved in every post i been on. Go bother someone else on your own size hoe. You are a lowlife sonabitch. Your comments are very stupid just like you.

  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    It’s obvious nobody loved you as a child – and the pattern has continued into your adulthood. You’re pathetic. Come on, bring another ignorant and pathetic attempt at an insult my way.. as if I cared. You’re just one giant walking troll bait.

  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    Uh oh, PassionQueen is off her meds again! New year, same psychotic waste of life!

  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    Seek mental help ASAP. You need to be in a psychiatric hospital – you exhibit nothing but symptoms of mental illness.

  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    oh please let this be true… it would be a gift to everyone on this site if you stopped posting! I guarantee you can’t stop yourself from bothering people. Prove me wrong!