Days Of Our Lives Casting Spoilers: Billy Flynn Headed To DOOL – Cast As New Chad DiMera?

Days Of Our Lives Casting Spoilers: Billy Flynn Headed To DOOL - Cast As New Chad DiMera?

It is no secret that Alison Sweeney and James Scott have left the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. DOOL spoilers revealed their exits months ago. What does appear to be a secret, however, is how TPTB at Days of Our Lives plan to fill all of their empty screen time once Sami Brady and EJ DiMera have officially checked out of Salem. The writers are going to have to introduce a slew of new characters or bring back some veterans.

Rumor has it that there is at least one new face headed to Days of Our Lives sometime soon. A DOOL script was recently auctioned off for charity, and the cast all signed the front page. Days fans noticed a signature on the page of someone named Billy Flynn. After some research it turns out there is an actor named Billy Flynn, and according to comments on his Instagram page, he will be appearing on the NBC soap opera. It’s safe to assume that Flynn will be playing the part of a significant character, or else they wouldn’t have had him sign the script. If he is an extra who will be walking through Horton Square during a scene, why would fans pay money for his signature?

Flynn appears much too young to be an EJ DiMera recast, and looks too old to be another teen character or friend of Paige and JJ. Rumors have been running rampant that Days Of Our Lives is bringing Chad DiMera back to Salem, and Flynn looks the perfect age to play the part. With Abigail and EJ’s affair on the verge of being exposed, now would be a perfect time for Chad DiMera to waltz back in to town and find out his brother slept with his ex-girlfriend.

What do you think Days fans? Would Billy Flynn make a perfect Chad DiMera, or do you think he will be playing a different character? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for more Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

34 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Casting Spoilers: Billy Flynn Headed To DOOL – Cast As New Chad DiMera?”

  1. sands of time says:

    Great idea! BTW, I like everybody’s opinions. It’s better to have opinions than no opinions at all.

    • PassionQueen77 says:

      Exactly that is all i wanted to say. Some people is jealous of when i am trying to say my opinion about the show. It is a soap opera.

  2. Marci Colletti says:

    He is soooo hot. Yummy and sexxy as hell i dont care how he play s i wish he would play with me O:-)

  3. Dutch says:

    he’s too young to play EJ? Well maybe he’s young enough to play “the real” EJ; long time viewers all know that E.J. should be younger than Abigail

  4. Steven says:

    There are people who would pay money for signature of those folks who walk around in Horton Town Square

  5. Susan Cange says:

    he is definitely eye candy for the screen.

  6. Bonnie says:

    I really liked the old Chad…..But then again I really liked the old Will too. Changes happen I guess.

  7. James Edward Delong says:

    I think he doesnt look like chad at all and is not a good fit for the part.

  8. PassionQueen77 says:

    Really i love sands of time. Is that the best you can do. Hahahaha what a lowlife loser. i love sands of time is obsessed with me. I could say whatever i want on here. Everybody can voice there opinion. Why would i want to bang myself what are you 10 years old. i love sands of time your threats don’t mean nothing to me. I am not your stripper so go look for someone else to bang and bother.

    • I love sands of time says:

      Please show some respect to others.who raised you a couple of deadbeat parents..lowlife!!!

  9. Matthew Shallenberger says:

    Will the real will Stand up?? The old Will returns and attains status of EJ’s son and blows the minds if Salemites!! The will we all thought was will was an imposter sent by Will to allow him to fade into the darkness and train as a.nsa,cia,fbi agent now sent on a mussion to conqueror Stepheno,,he is gone now killed x Airman Trase Shallenberger but Will doesn’t know that his Grandma is Stepheno’s predecessor.. He is now facing his Grandma as a nemises… She and he do not realize it but they will have to unite or fight each other to the death… Will reunites with her under the guise of being her normal grandson.. He warms up to his grandma in order to bring her down which he realizes he cannot do to his feelings for her so Bo steps in to eliminate her and Decides to take over and hire Dr. Daniel Jonas as his aid. Will is really in shock so he sees a shrink whom yries to kill him at the orders of Dr. Jonas and Bo. Hope is so upset that the death threat happened that she has Will move in with her.. Sonny devorces the old will and goes into seclusion because he is ashamed of marrying a guy whom he thought was Will when he was hospitalized. Sonny ends up kaniving plans to reunite with his ex lover Abigale in order to create jealousy to get his Will back. Marlaina wants a grand baby by Will otherthan her little Dimerra Gabbie’s n Will-the imposter’s baby. It isn’t her Will’s baby!! She is adamant that she fixes her Will up with Paige to have grandbabies although a deveraux not a Dimerra she wanted the best for her will despite the fact that he has been gone forever!! Will returns,has babies withbpaige,destroys JJ’s.hope for a future creating a long life battle… Will&Paiges’ kids are.relatee to the Dimaras but do not know it because of Marlaina. Will has his granny arrested in an underciver sting and sent to reprogramming at nsa,cia,fbi hdqtrs then released once reactivated with computer prgmmng. Roman is next in line for Dimerra mafia.roman vs bo

    • Isabelle de Bojangle says:

      I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolol that sounds like a good writing lmao not worse than they write anyway lol

  10. Matthew Shallenberger says:

    Winter hits Salem via blizzard.. Tsunami alert warns Salemites to leave now or else.

  11. Matthew Shallenberger says:

    Jack isback and escaped from Marlaina’s grasp along with Bo and Daniel and Kate.

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  13. Zeeowa says:

    He is playing Jordan and Ben’s dad, Clyde I believe.

  14. Zeeowa says:

    Marlena, not Marlaina.

  15. Chad Missler says:

    Well here is the deal that kid will kill that part chad is old news Billy Flynn is the real deal give him a chance people

    • Mysterious888 says:

      Ok i will give him a chance if you say so. Billy Flynn doesn’t need to be new Chad. The old chad left already. It makes no sense to recast him.

  16. katielynn says:

    Ugh. No nore gays please. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but that’s how I feel.

    • Guest30 says:

      Hypocritical much? You condone murder scenes, rape scenes, violent scenes and never-ending drama, and all you can point out is how much you dislike gay scenes. You are amongst the many ignorant US citizens who are too focused on the pettiest things. Try channelling that “dislike” energy into something useful, like educating yourself more about humanity.

  17. katielynn says:

    I wanted to add that I like Sonny and Will a lot as a couple but not gay sex scenes. No more gay scenes please.

  18. Mysterious888 says:

    So what if i sound like PassionQueen77. What is it to you anyways. I am not using PassionQueen77 anymore because i got stalker on my butt that goes by the name i love sands of time and passionqueenisapsycho. Since that guy showed up i decided to go away for a while.

  19. I love sands of time says:

    Its your daddy

  20. I love sands of time says:

    Get a life guy

  21. I love sands of time says:

    Your my guy

  22. I love sands of time says:

    Hi babe

  23. I love sands of time says:

    Matty you sound lost

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  25. Molly 'Allen' Christianson says:

    Hey now I know Billy!! I grew up with him, he spent many hours and nights with my family! This might sound bad but he is a perfect fit for Chad…rich arrogant successful strong family background! That is Billy! He is going to great and make us all back home proud! You people behind those computers don’t care what you say even if it is hurtful! Say it to his face or a friend or family member…bet you wouldn’t you’d be kissing his ass! But rant over I have been so excited since he did “let the cat out of the bag” I’m a huge days fan and I think he will do the character great!

  26. karen says:

    I think the new chad is hot and for his character only time will tell if he delivers a great role , but those eyes are so dreamy .

  27. poor says:

    I think that they are going for a James Dean look….