Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 10-14: Eric Rejects Nicole and Refuses Sex – Abigail Pregnant With EJ’s Baby?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 10-14: Eric Rejects Nicole and Refuses Sex - Abigail Pregnant With EJ's Baby?

The drama on NBC’s daytime soap opera Days Of Our Lives will really be heating up next week, March 10th-14th. According to Days Of Our Lives spoilers, EJ receives news about Abigail’s potential pregnancy, a few relationships will crash and burn, and someone gets a nasty letter.

EJ and Sami’s relationship is finally back on track, and to EJ’s shock the woman of his dreams actually plans to spend the rest of her life with him, and they are planning their wedding. There’s one problem though. When EJ thought his and Sami’s relationship was doomed, he had an affair with Abigail. And, it’s really hard to pretend it never happened when Abigail might have a little EJ growing in her stomach. If Sami learns of EJ and Abby’s affair she will call their wedding off for sure, and last week she was already beginning to put two and two together and suspect Abby was pregnant. It’s only a matter of time before EJ and Abby’s dirty little secret blows up in their faces. According NBC’s Days Of Our Lives spoilers, on Monday EJ will “receive some stunning news about Abby.”

Abby’s Mom Jenn has some problems of her own, and helping her daughter get through the mess she has created will have to go on the backburner. Next week on DOOL Jenn will avoid going to the office at all costs but that doesn’t stop her from receiving some hateful letters in the mail.

Next week March 10th-14th on Days Of Our Lives, Eric and Nicole’s relationship comes to a halt. Eric hits the breaks on their reconciliation and will flat out refuse to have sex with Nicole, and it will send her into a tailspin. To make matters worse, Daniel discovers the secret that Nicole has been trying to hide from Eric. Don’t forget that Nicole had proof of Eric’s innocence and she shredded it!

So, DOOL fans what do you think about the latest maybe baby in the works? If Abby is pregnant, what kind of a scheme do you think EJ will cook up to try to keep it from his bride to be Sami? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL throughout the week for more Days Of Our Lives spoilers.