Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jordan Attacks Kate – Rafe Still Wants Sami – Eric’s Vatican Failure, Nicole to Blame

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jordan Attacks Kate - Rafe Still Wants Sami - Eric's Vatican Failure, Nicole to Blame

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of August 4-8 tease a rough week for Sami Brady. DOOL fans have already grown tired of her revenge schemes, and it looks like most of the Salem resident have as well. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, JJ goes up one side of Sami and down the other, for everything she has done to his sister Abigail. Sure, Abigail slept with her hubby EJ, but enough is enough. JJ isn’t the only one sick of Sami’s scheming, her own son Will has launched his own revenge scheme against his mother.

Sami’s partner in crime Kate will have her own drama to deal with during the week of August 4th, Jordan catches up with her and has a few choice words for her after learning that she had sex with Rafe. DOOL spoilers tease that while Kate and Jordan are fighting over Rafe, Sami actually is under the impression that Rafe wants her back, which leads to EJ kicking his mission to reunite with his wife into over-drive.

While all hell is breaking loose in Salem, Eric and Nicole head to the Vatican to try to get Eric back in to the church. Nicole agreed to testify for Eric, but at the end of the day it is clear she still wants Eric back, and if she helps him get back in to the church, she can kiss any chance of a reunion good-bye. According to DOOL spoilers, the trip to Rome ends with Eric cursing Nicole out and telling her how much he hates her, so there is a good chance she gets her way in Rome and he isn’t accepted back in to the church.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also tease that Eve and Jennifer go to court, and battle each other out over Jack’s book sales. And, during the week of August 4th Kristen DiMera and Daniel will continue their own epic battle. August 4th-8th looks like it will be full of can’t miss drama, and DOOL fans are definitely in for a treat. Do you think that there is any chance of Rafe and Sami hooking up again, or do you think that Sami will end up back with EJ when all of this is said and done? What do you think happens at the Vatican to make Eric hate Nicole, do you think she screws up any chance of him being accepted back in the church? And, what about Kristen DiMera, do you think Daniel will be able to take her down? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

  • Linda Franklin

    Can the producers start acting like they have common sense. What is this with Sammy Brady and why are they letting her get away with the things she is doing. Get Real, Sammy is and always will be the biggest cheater in Salem and she is trying to act like she is the only one that has ever been cheated on. Every one needs to turn against her including her parents. She needs to go already.

  • Lois

    No reconciliation for Sami and EJ- Maybe reunite Rafe and Sami with the newly cast Sami