Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole and Eric Head Off To Rome For Appeal To Bishop – Nicole Sabotages Reinstatement Case?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole and Eric Head Off To Rome For Appeal To Bishop – Nicole Sabotages Reinstatement Case?

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease some serious drama for Eric Brady and Nicole during the week of July 28th. Eric is headed to Rome to speak to the Bishop about his case, which he is appealing, since he now has proof that he didn’t break his vows when he had sex with Kristen DiMera, he was actually a victim and drugged and raped. Nicole hid the evidence proving that Eric was innocent in the scandal, because she didn’t want him to return to the church, if he returned to the church that would mean that they could never have sex or get married.

Recently the truth finally came out, and Eric obviously dumped Nicole when he learned that she hid evidence that could have cleared his name. The thing is, he still needs Nicole to testify in front of the bishop that she hid the paperwork from Dr. Chyka that proved Eric was drugged and had no idea what was happening when he slept with Kristen. According to DOOL spoilers, this week Eric and Nicole are both headed to Rome to meet with the bishop and discuss Eric’s case.

The sexual tension between Nicole and Eric is already so thick it could be sliced with a knife, the last think they need is to be in a romantic city like Rome, Italy together. It’s ironic that the fate of Eric lies in the one person’s hands who clearly doesn’t want him to return to the church. Once Eric returns to the church, Nicole can kiss any chances of them getting back together good-bye.

So, the obvious question on every DOOL fan’s mind, is Nicole going to pull just one last scheme? All she has to do is tell the bishop in Rome that is looking over Eric’s appeal, that she doesn’t know anything about evidence that could have cleared Eric’s name. One more little lie from Nicole could mean that Eric will never return to the church, and one day when he forgives her, they will be able to be together again.

Do you think that Nicole will help Eric get back in to the church in Rome? Or do you think she will sabotage his appeal so that she can have him all to herself? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

  • Mysterious888

    This is a good idea. Nicole should pay for what she did to Eric evidence. For both of them heading to Rome is a good idea. I can’t wait to watch this part. Nicole was only thinking about herself when she destroyed Eric evidence. Eric should get his job back and the only way he could get it is though Nicole. Kristen is dangerous and for kidnapping Daniel is so dumb. Daniel doesn’t deserve to be tied up because of Kristen. If Kristen wanted to get though Brady shouldn’t she go see him instead of tying up Daniel to the chair. The writers are making dumb decisions with the storylines. They are mad and depressed.

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