Days Of Our Lives Spoiler: EJ and Sami Set A Wedding Date But Abigail Ruins It

Days Of Our Lives Spoiler: EJ and Sami Set A Wedding Date But Abigail Ruins It

After going through a recent rocky patch it looks like EJ and Sami are finally back on track on Days of Our Lives. He seems to regret his fling with Abigail and has seemingly broken off the affair with her. After telling Abby that they couldn’t have sex ever again EJ fell back into bed with Sami, believing that his secret was safe and that the past would stay buried. Of course this is a soap and so you know as well as I do that the truth is going to come out at the worst possible time.

According to the March 10th print edition of CBS Soaps Sami and EJ will finally be solidifying a May wedding date, but will they really end up swapping vows? If you remember EJ’s shower hook up with Abby then you realize that whatever actually exists between them may be a little hotter than what he has with Sami. Plus Sami hasn’t exactly been the easiest to get along with lately so how long before she starts to channel her inner bitch all over again. What will EJ do then? Will he reach out to Abby? Even if he doesn’t and even if Abby keeps her mouth shut, they still have a huge problem.

Remember when EJ and Abby thought that they were alone at the Horton cabin there was actually someone watching them through the window taking photos? Well, expect those to surface at the most inopportune time- perhaps right before Sami walks down the aisle to meet her groom. Those photos are sure to turn up within the next few months and perhaps whatever follows will then lay the ground work for Ali Sweeney’s exit from the show later this year.

Do you prefer EJ’s relationship with Sami or do you kind of like the chemistry that he shares with Abby better? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

28 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Spoiler: EJ and Sami Set A Wedding Date But Abigail Ruins It”

  1. daisy says:

    EJ should stay with Sami, they are perfect together. Abigail is just a spoiled brat, and should walk away with some class if she has any!!!

    • Anna says:

      Why would you want to destroy a beautiful love story between EJ and Sami, sure they have had their moments but who hasn’t in( the real world) thru all of that they made it back to each other because he really love her.(Allison Sweeney) Sami, is a very talented actress and beautiful with those deep blue eyes,they are a gorgeous couple together if anyone comes between them, for god almighty do not let it be ABIGAIL; that would be very insulting on your part as writers. she just not a very good actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not kill Sami off, let her just go away and regroup. and comeback with a whole new attitude . let the pregnancy thing be negative because frankly we are all tierd of that one!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dee says:

    Love ej and Sami….together…..both are very good actors…..very sad Sami is leaving!

  3. Alicia_E says:

    EJ didn’t “fall back into bed with Sami”. They had a beautiful reconciliation that was done completely without words. It takes an established connection and real chemistry to be able to pull that off. Silly Abs getting slammed against the tiles of a public shower was a stunt. EJ & Samantha reconnecting was a love scene.

  4. spring says:

    i so am not a fan of Ej and Abi , what were they thinking..
    she is in my view a kid.. if it was Jen i can see that. As her life is boring and some action would be good. But i love her with Dan TBh. Ej and sami must be married. ahve her die in a car accident . hate to see her go , but i can’t picture anyone else take her Role as Sami

  5. juby1951 says:

    Are you kidding me? There is no chemistry between EJ and Abby, it;s just sick twisted, nasty imaginations of the writers. If Ali does leave, I think everyone should make a pact to leave with her. I am.

  6. cgifford says:

    Absolutely hate the EJ Abigail storyline…it’s one of the worst in daytime television. EJ and Sami belong together and writers are handling this horribly!

  7. Victoria McGuire says:

    EJ and Sami are a perfect match. Sami could just tell him she’s going away for a while to rethink their relationship.

  8. melissa says:

    I do not like abby she is alittle nuts in the head and always going after men that have a woman already

  9. KG says:

    EJ and Abigail are refreshing together. Got sick of seeing Sami get into mess after mess recently. The writing is in the wall anyway – Sami is leaving soon- would like to see EJ really try to be a better man with Abigail. We’ll see… Even if EJabby got together it would be a rocky road. It’s a soap!

  10. Tee says:

    I like Ej answer Sammie together but their relationship will never last due to their dirt which eventually is going to come out.

  11. Janet Wrobleski-Belrose says:

    Geez, we must have been watching 2 different shows, bcuz it was nutsy abigail who kept blocking ej from leaving the cabin- just about throwing herself at him. That 1st time, my hub & I were yelling at the screen- “Nooooo ej!!”- “get outa there!” And the only reason EJ pursued her after that was to continue his quest to shut her up, as requested by all the players involved. What we saw was a psycho-little-slut trying to break-up an established couple who were going thru a rough patch. And of course the tart will be knocked-up- they NEVER use birth control; & she’ll never have an abortion- bcuz they never do on soaps, tv, movies, etc- even though hollyweird supposedly supports “pro-choice”. Ugh to abby & ej, & it’s just lucky ej’s kids don’t own a bunny!!!

  12. debbieap says:

    i love Ej with Abby when they make love its hot and theres steam on my televison screen ,im not a fan of Ej and Sami when they make love its just blah blah blah to me its over played ,

  13. I'm Want To Poke My Eyes Out says:

    Yuck! I’m not a “shipper” or anything, but this disgusting thing with EJ an the obnoxious child is just gross. They have Z-E-R-O “chemistry”. None. Nada. None whatsoever. Abby Whatsherface is way out of he league and EJ comes across as a pervert uncle. Just G-R-O-S-S! Whoever though of this storyline should be fired. It’s so dumb and unnecessary. Totally out of character for EJ Dimera. Whatever. Days really sucks now. Since I fast-forward more then half the show anyways, I’m just going to stop watching. Soaps are getting more and more stupid by the day.

  14. elc says:

    The show writers are presenting young females as ridiculously dumb and troublemakers.why are any females continuing to watch? Nothing sexy nor entertaining between the characters Abigale and EJ. Gabby doesn’t follow anyones advice as this character had no brain according to the biased writers. The veteran Jen character believed her admirable doctor stopped so low to date the stupid and bitch drug and thieving character Theresa. Jj young female friend a stupid drug user. We are to believe Bo left his beautiful family; poor writing. He either should have been killed off or replaced.Eric supposedly chose to leave priesthood on his own thinking but it really because dumb Nichole hides his papers. Is there no one that rather see strong sensible female roles than dumb, drug addicts, bitches. I don’t recommend this show for any young females.
    Only enjoyment in last year had een Ej

  15. candy says:

    Abigail needs to be taken off the show. I have never like her as an actor. She does not play the part well dating older men. Men old enough to be her daddy. Enough of this. EJ and sami needs to be together Sami has changed EJ for the better. Abigail needs to go now.

  16. Marie says:

    Reading everyone’s comments make me laugh especially when most go into such detail of how much they love Sami and EJ and basically how they hate Abby… don’t raise your blood pressure, it’s just a show peeps, relax LOL

    • Rebecca Ann Shirley says:

      I agree. jeez calm down people. besides if you t think back he really isn’t that much older. I love Sami and EJ but I think Abigail give him a new challenge

  17. cat101 says:

    please stop with the Abigail line with ej I think it disgusting it makes me sick to my stomach that they will even put them together it makes ej look like a child molester he’s her mom age I would kill somebody my age trying to talk to my young daughter even though its TV I hate it a skip through every scene they have them together it makes me want to stop watching an I have been watching this show since a Lil girl my self writers get a grip its disgusting listen to your viewers

  18. Serina says:

    EJ and Sami are old news.. Sorry everybody. I am totally for EJ and Abigal. This was a very cleverly written storyline from the writers. I can’t wait to see more of the two together. I hate Sami and E.J together.

  19. Gayelynn balzer says:

    Can’t stand Abigail. Keep Sammy & EJ together for gosh sakes! And not pregnant Abigail! Let Sammy be pregnant again

  20. Heather W says:

    I’m with the majority. I love EJ and Sami and hate EJ and Abby. The whole entire story of EJ cheating on Sami is completely out of character for EJ. He loves Sami down to his core.

  21. Patty Luna says:

    Ej should stay with Sami they have been gone through a lot plus she has their babies. Abigail should of stayed with Cameron . She should not have ej !!!!! No no .

  22. Debbie says:

    EJ and Sami are the perfect match. Abby needs to move on and get a life.

  23. Diane says:

    EJ and Abigal were a couple that had great chemistry. Days has lacked this for quite a long time. Of course, they are from two different worlds, but that’s what makes couple so unique. The writers have struck gold with this particular pairing. Honestly, the story lines were becoming very predictable and quite boring.

  24. carol says:

    I guess Sami could kill Nick and go to prison for some time, thencome back. But always be with EJ.

  25. Kt says:

    Ej and sami forever always. Let th ride off into the sunset

  26. Lori says:

    It only makes SOAP sense that EJ will end up with Abs. Sami is leaving and he will turn to Abby for comfort after Sami lets the cat out of the bag that she knows all about the pics of the affair. She could never trust him again … as if he could trust her. It is a SOAP! Also whenever they show that type of passion together you know it is going to come back! My favorite is Jennifer and Daniel and it is sad that they won’t let them have a period of time together at least once! =( I am really not happy that they are going to go through wih the whole Dan and Eve storyline. Stop hurting the good people all the time and let them build relationships like the anchors of the families to carry on =( that is why ratings are so low … people enjoy seeing happiness! As well as long timers on series.