Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jordon Confronted by Her Father, Clyde – Eve and Daniel Get Closer – Abigail and Eve Battle

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jordon Confronted by Her Father, Clyde - Eve and Daniel Get Closer - Abigail and Eve Battle

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of July 14-18 tease tons of can’t miss drama in Salem. John Black continues to try to save his son Brady, and drive a wedge between him and Theresa. Theresa and John’s argument turns deadly and she winds up hitting him over the head with a pole and putting him in the hospital. To add insult to injury, Theresa frames Brady for the crime, and convinces him that he attacked his own father in a fit of rage while he was black ed-out drunk.

Meanwhile, Theresa’s equally evil sister Eve Donovan gets closer to Daniel. According to DOOL spoilers Jennifer witnesses the entire thing and is livid that her old high-school nemesis is stealing another one of her men. Abigail apparently doesn’t take kindly to Eve cuddling up to her mom’s man, and spoilers tease that on Tuesday July 15th Abigail and Eve get in a huge fight.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of July 14th also tease that Sami continues her revenge scheme against Abigail and her cheating hubby EJ. Since EJ is still in a Salem jail cell, she focuses all of her energy on Abigail Deveraux. However, a situation arises when Sami’s partner in crime Kate decides to stray from their original game plan.

Ben and Jordan are in for a rough week during July 14th-18th. They have been hiding from their father Clyde for years now, and Kate tracked him down and told him they were in Salem. According to spoilers, Clyde comes out of the shadows and faces off with his estranged daughter Jordan.

So DOOL fans, what do you think about Theresa’s latest scheme? Do you think John Black will pull through, or can she add murderer to her resume? And, what about Clyde? How dangerous do you think he is? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

15 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jordon Confronted by Her Father, Clyde – Eve and Daniel Get Closer – Abigail and Eve Battle”

  1. maureen says:

    Re: DOOL…..I hope Brady finds out him/Teresa aren’t really married….don’t much care about the Jordan/Ben/Clive thing…my 1st thought was that she/Ben were in witness protection…would’ve been much better….about Sami……….you go girl….Sorry to see her & EJ leave….hope they bring her character back…that would be great…glad Abby is not a goody two shoes….I so want Jen & Daniel to be together….and Eve is a ((&(&*(&(&………….i love days

  2. Michelle Hardigree says:

    Skank Theresa needs to go! I cannot stand what the writers have taken Brady to with this and now that they are married it’s going to be even harder to get her away from him. The only saving grace is even though I cannot stand Kristen either, maybe when she comes back she will put that low life piece of trash in her place.

  3. daysdiva says:

    I must disagree with the other posters. With Stefano all but retired, EJ leaving, Sami leaving, and Gabbie already gone, there has to be somebody left to stir things up. Otherwise, Salem would be a very boring place. After all, Kate and Nicole can’t manipulate the entire town! So, we apparently are going to be stuck with Theresa and Eve, with a little (only a few weeks) Kristen thrown in for good measure. Personally, I’m not crazy about this choice either. I would prefer for Chad to return and assume the position of head (troublemaking) DiMera, maybe Shawn & Belle to return and bring problems, perhaps have Phillip return, and maybe even Mimi with a baby we didn’t know she had. These characters have all been gone so long, recasts would be readily accepted.
    I don’t give a flip about Jennifer and Daniel. They were boring in the beginning, are boring now, and will be boring in the future. Jennifer is nowhere near the person she used to be, and Daniel just flits from warm body to warm body (a perfect fit for Nicole). I don’t like Jordan with Rafe, mainly because that happened way too quickly and is such a cliche (patient falling for caregiver). I was hoping that Jordan’s secret was somehow DiMera involved (or equally as bad) but, if she’s “all good” and pure and a damzel in distress, then I think I’m going to gag. I would rather see Rafe with Kate!
    What we need in Salem is for another explosion to wipe out about a third of the town – starting with Paige, JJ, Eve, Ben, Jordan…
    Why not write some story for characters we all like? Like Lucas, Roman, John (some spy action and adventure would be fun), Kayla, Hope and Stefano! Oh, how I miss Stefano.

  4. Lisa says:

    So sick of this story line. I am tired of them finally making Sami and EJ married and looks happily ever after then throw in the Abigail curve. When in real life are peoples lives so messed up? Cant we have a normal story line with a few glitches? Then its the same glitches over and over. How many times are you going to pull the same card??? Its getting so boring, you can almost tell whats going to happen each week from watching the show over the years. Then why break up Jennifer and Daniel? If Bo isnt coming back, do away with him so Hope can obviously join in the messed up relationships too, you know its coming. There is not one normal relationship on this show anymore. Getting sick of watching it…Get rid of Anne, Bev and Theresa, they just bring the show down. As well as decide whether Nicole is going to play a good part which she should or a bad part, this going back and forth sucks.

  5. B Rose says:

    Fdoes anyone see a mrs Robinson theme with JJ and Eve ??! Ugh!
    Why can’t they do something better with John Black?! He was great I his hey day.

  6. duh says:

    Is Daniel really that stupid

  7. I love sands of time says:

    I think your jealous of me and my boo

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  9. Joan Earley says:

    There were moments in the past it seemed Theresa would turn het life around but this incident proves she is just a selfish money hungry beetch

  10. Miranda Rogers says:

    I think dan and jen are so boring they should just end them for good.i really like Theresa and jj and in time i think they could be another lucas and sami or ej and sami type of duo. I would also love for days to bring back characters like Philip, chloe, bell, shawn, mimi, rex, chad,peter, Stephanie, tony,anna,and chelsea. They should also make Jordan and Ben a deMeria or krikassi.

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  12. Sandsoftimeisajackass says:

    I didn’t say anything bad about Jennifer and Daniel did i. Maybe you need to get your eyes checked. Daniel and Jennifer have been broken up so many times. The writers are depressed and can’t come up anything good.

  13. Sandsoftimeisajackass says:

    I wasn’t talking about the real marriage. I was talking about that Theresa drugged out Brady and make him pass out for nothing then married him for nothing. Theresa looks pale and she wanted Brady to be a drug addict. He is not one anymore. Theresa needs to go end of story.

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