Debbie Rowe’s Custody Battle For Michael Jackson’s Children Paris and Prince – Doesn’t Trust Katherine and Her Sons – Report

Debbie Rowe's Custody Battle For Michael Jackson's Children Paris and Prince - Doesn't Trust Katherine and Her Sons - Report

Debbie Rowe is about to start an all-out war with the Jackson family. According to reports, Debbie wants to go to court to get custody of her two children with Michael Jackson [Paris and Prince], and she’s so worried about their living situation that she would gladly take Blanket as well.

Debbie claims that although she does like Katherine Jackson and that Katherine has the best interests of the kids at heart, she’s gotten too old to ‘connect’ with the kids in any meaningful way. And while TJ Jackson is a co-guardian of the kids, he’s too often away on tour or away for business reasons to really have any effect on the children or their living situations.

Also, Debbie’s reportedly worried about Michael’s other brothers being a negative influence on the kids, especially since they’ve been spending a lot of time at the house and have influenced Prince to develop a ‘filthy mouth’. Apparently, he’s also become incredibly rebellious because ‘no one is trying to keep him in line’.

Sources also add that while Debbie’s not particularly fond of any of the brothers, she has a particular dislike for Jermaine Jackson, who she considers ‘creepy‘ and ‘inappropriate‘.

Basically, she thinks that Michael’s family are terrible influences on the kids, and she wants to remove them from that situation. Of course, there’s also Paris’ suicide attempt last year and her long process to recovery, but Debbie claims that she doesn’t think the recovery will hold if Paris returns to the Jackson household. Apparently, there are far too many triggers there that could set Paris off, including the extended Jackson family members.

Sources tell TMZ that Debbie is planning to file for legal documents asking the judge to grant her guardianship of the kids, so she can move them to her place as soon as possible.

Now, the first thing that jumps to mind if that Debbie’s looking for a pay day – after all, the Jackson kids are worth a ton of money, and anyone who has guardianship of them will get access to that money. But the sources add that Debbie hasn’t asked the Jackson estate for any money, and she’s not planning to. Like we believe that? So it looks like Debbie is just genuinely interested in giving the kids the best environment to live in – the ones she sold to Michael. The only thing is, the Jacksons aren’t going to relinquish their control easily, so this will end up in a massive [and public] tug-of-war that might adversely affect the kids, again. But the Jackson’s obviously don;t care about that, right? Remember Katherine’s ridiculous lawsuit against AEG and what that did to her grandchildren?

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  • Dilla

    True..Im a mother too and I wouldnt give my children away regardless of what the other party have to fleah n blood..I care for them and im ready to die for them..Is this women for real and if she is true bout her intentions then good but if not dont take the kids just so that her lust for money is fulfilled bcoz it will never last..Your kids are more precious and worth more than money..

  • Matt in LA

    She is a huge ugly fat slob now. Can’t believe any one out there would marry her, he must be blind.

  • imani1962

    Surrogacy, adoption, relinquishing custodial rights is not the norm and each case is different. Michael Jackson desperately wanted children. Michael Jackson gave Debbie a huge amount of money because that is what he felt having children was worth to him. His music was secondary to him becoming a father and because he knew he was going to ask for full custodial rights, Michael offered to give Debbie money, and he would not have had it any other way. Debbie knew that MIchael desperately wanted children, and that is why she offered to have his kids. She remained in contact as much as Michael would allow, because of the custody arrangements.Michael did not let Debbie down and proved to be an excellent albeit eccentric father. He showered his children with love and undivided attention. They were not a paycheck to him. They were his life. And Debbie was fine with that. Things have drastically changed since his death. Four years after the death of Michael she had to deal with the attempted suicide of their only daughter. It has taken almost a year for Paris to get back on her feet and she is still not out of the woods. I sincerely believe that Debbie has her kids welfare at heart. She rushed by Paris Jackson’s side when she was on her death bed. Her co guardian TJ was 200 miles away but he gets 9,000.00 dollars a month to care for them. Debbie never before challenged the Jackson’s on the custody but she always said that her kids welfare is the most important issue, and if she felt they were not getting proper care she would step in immediately and that is what she is doing.