Demi Lovato Reacts to X-Factor Cancellation: Happy Simon Cowell Failed

Demi Lovato Reacts to X-Factor Cancellation: Happy Simon Cowell Failed

If there’s one person that was sitting on the panel and is now actually happy about X-Factor’s cancellation then it would be Demi Lovato. She had essentially taken up where Paula Abdul left off. As in she was the annoying sister Simon Cowell joked around with on set but may have been a little bit in love behind close doors, but all of that good camaraderie changed back in December.

In order to boost their failing ratings, the show went on to diss one of their major stars. TMZ was able to cover it: Mario Lopez introduced a skit which showed clips of Demi drinking what looked like booze, acting annoying and off center. Now that might have been funny and cute with the real Paula however the reboot didn’t enjoy the show making fun of her real life addiction problems. She was allegedly caught on camera at the time saying “That’s f**ked up“! And she was right!

How dare you use a well documented downward spiral as part of a gimmick? Demi probably would have gone to say more if she hadn’t already quit/been fired by then. So this whole cancellation mean absolutely nothing to her. At most she’s could possibly dance in the ashes of that show and that’s it. Demi, you see is unlike everybody else that’s been on panel because she was the only one brave enough to quit!

Say what you want about Demi but that young lady is smart enough not to risk her career just for Simon. Or for that matter for anyone else! Demi goes where the money is and always has. The Disney scene was never really for her but it got her noticed. The same goes for the singing competition. It was merely a stop gap for the singer. Demi needed to prove that she could bounce back after her very public meltdown the year before and she did!

Still who would have guessed that the moment she walked away would be the same time the studio stopped caring about the X Factor! Coincidence? I think not!


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