Demi Moore and Boytoy Sean Friday Split: Dumps Her Like Ashton Kutcher Did – He Wants Kids!

Demi Moore and Boytoy Sean Friday Split: Dumps Her Like Ashton Kutcher Did - He Wants Kids!

Demi Moore is dealing with the Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis situation very well, at least in public. She’s stopped having meltdowns and become quite stable, but a lot of that could also be attributed to the fact that she has a new man in her life, 27-year-old boy toy, Sean Friday.

Demi’s crossing 51 years old right now, so her dating a 27-year-old is definitely raising some eyebrows. Although her taste definitely hasn’t changed, considering her past relationship with Ashton Kutcher, Demi’s friends and family are reportedly worried that just like Ashton, Sean will also dump her.

A source tells the National Enquirer, Rumer [Willis] is afraid that when Sean is ready to start a family, he’ll find a younger woman – just like (Demi’s ex) Ashton Kutcher did with Mila Kunis.”

I mean, Sean’s 27 years old right now and probably doesn’t have a care in the world. He has enough money, he’s semi-famous, and he’s dating a major celebrity. But give him a few years, and he’ll want the same things Ashton did – a family and his own children. Demi can give him marriage, sure, but at that point, she’ll be in her mid-50s. And there’s little chance of her getting pregnant then, which means that a breakup is inevitable.

You could argue that Sean and Demi are just having fun, but that’s we thought about Demi and Ashton before they ended up getting married. I don’t think Demi is capable of just having fun, and it’s pretty clear that every relationship she embarks upon becomes serious very quickly. And if it took her this long to get over Ashton Kutcher, I shudder to think what will happen if Sean also ends up dumping her for a younger woman.

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  • BozosGirl

    Wish she could find happiness,who knows what the future holds.Maybe this guy will stay and decide to adopt a child who needs a loving & stable family.Who are we to judge,at least they are not putting on heirs & acting likeda

  • BozosGirl

    like a certain over privileged,unappreciated pig who just got married

  • rose

    Enough already,leave demi alone with your garbarge report. If you recall she told her unfaithful husband to get lost and the phoney never deserved a classy woman like her. He will screw up again in a few years , you can bet on it.