Demi Moore And Sean Friday Engaged: She Casts Her Love Spell Over Another Boy Toy?

Demi Moore And Sean Friday Engaged: She Casts Her Love Spell Over Another Boy Toy?

Demi Moore thinks that just because she convinced Ashton Kutcher to marry her, she can convince the rest of her boy toys to do the same. Demi is also apparently aiming for Baby no. 4, because she’s done such a stellar job of raising the three she has so far. One’s famous for running down the streets of NYC topless, another is famous for being an ‘actress’, and the third has somehow managed to escape notoriety – for now.

According to a new report from the National Enquirer, Demi is trying to convince her latest boy toy, 27-year-old Sean Friday, to get married and have children with her. Apparently, she’s already persuaded Sean that it’s a good idea, with the Enquirer’s source adding, “They’ve been talking marriage and are going to slip away somewhere quiet and get engaged. They are even planning to have a baby!”

And lest you think that Demi’s desire for commitment and family is the only thing she wants out of this arrangement, think again! Sources state that Demi also wants to steal attention away from Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, especially as her former husband and his new fiance prepare for their own wedding and baby birth.

Right. Demi’s solution to getting divorced from a 35-year-old playboy is to get married to a 27-year-old rocker? Seriously? This woman really needs people in her life who will stop her from making these kinds of decisions. In all honesty, it really wouldn’t be that surprising to see Demi getting married to Sean, but at the same time, it would be shocking if their marriage lasted beyond a couple of years.

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8 responses to “Demi Moore And Sean Friday Engaged: She Casts Her Love Spell Over Another Boy Toy?”

  1. janie says:

    Her oddball daughters don’t fall far from the nut tree! This is pathetic! I will never understand her desperation.

  2. bec215 says:

    Insecurity is more detrimental to a woman’s appeal than any wrinkles ever could be. I know most actresses are insecure, but it’s so sad to see the extreme to which Demi has gone. Partying with her children, trying to be cool with their friends – and hooking up with them… a lot of older men date young women – that’s not the point… it’s WHY. For men, it’s like “Yeah, look at me I’m a stud!” For Demi it feels more like “Look at me – I’m not over the hill, I’m not worthless… I’m still beautifu and desirable, right? How could I not be desireable and worthy if young guys are still with me?” It comes from a place of such sadness.

  3. Scott N says:

    Her and her daughters are a sad lot. A mother that beds any thing that walks. Daughters that like to walk around half dressed. She is over the hill and desperate for a man. She only can find boys though. She needs a shrink bad. Her baby days are long gone, she is a dreamer. Demi you are a old hag face it.

  4. Stuck in the dark ages says:

    No one would bat an eyelid if Demi were a ma

  5. Stuck in the dark ages says:

    No witch hunt if Demi were a man!

  6. TheDancersDaughter says:

    What kind of people are you that sit on here and call people ulgy. Beauty comes from the heart, her girls are lovely, they are a product of her and Bruce, they aren’t modeling or even in the public eye. As far as Demi goes dating a younger man-you go girl, if a man can do it so can we.

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