Ellen DeGeneres and Gillian Anderson’s Relationship: Portia de Rossi Demands The Truth

Ellen DeGeneres and Gillian Anderson's Relationship: Portia de Rossi Demands The Truth

We have been telling you guys for weeks now that sources report that things between Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres aren’t going that well. In fact their marriage is said to be on the rocks for multiple reasons, many of which stem from Ellen’s talk show. Portia apparently doesn’t like the way that her wife gets super chummy with some of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. It makes Portia feel insecure and she’s afraid that Ellen could cheat.

According to the April 28th print edition of GLOBE magazine Gillian Anderson’s name came up in one of their therapy sessions. The former X-Files star is well known for her support of the gay and lesbian community and she admits to having had relationships with women. She was also caught in a steamy lip lock with Ellen back in 2000 and the two have remained good friends. At this point Portia feels like there is more to it than that and she wants the details.

Do you think that Ellen has been hooking up with other women while things have been dicey with Portia? Is this a real problem in their marriage or just a fear that Portia has that has been blown out of proportion? Does she insist on remaining friends with Gillian because there is more to it than that? Or do you believe that the ladies are just good friends and that Gillian is the least of Portia’s problems, especially now that Gillian is hooking up with David Duchovny? Tell us your thoughts on this potential triangle in the comments below!

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  • Solomon

    Gillian should admit she slept with Ellen, she pretends she’s not bisexual but once you had sex, there’s no way back.

  • MakeLoveNotWar

    You’re just making up rumors left and right everyday huh. Your life is all a lie. I don’t know why we pay reporters like you to publish sh*t that is completely false and plain disrespectful.

  • gg

    Bullshit! That’s my thought.

  • AshesofAngels

    Does this shit come as any kind of surprise to anyone; Ellen’s a Dog just like any other Dude!