Ellen DeGeneres Defends Marriage To Portia De Rossi: Breakup Rumors Increase after Mystery Woman Date (PHOTOS)

Ellen DeGeneres Defends Marriage To Portia De Rossi: Breakup Rumors Increase after Mystery Woman Date (PHOTOS)

Whenever a celebrity goes to People and Closer to discuss the state of their marriage, something is very wrong – especially when that celebrity is an A-list comedian like Ellen DeGeneres. Instead of just joking around about the tabloid’s breakup rumors [which she does], Ellen’s seemed to have taken it one step further and has decided to go to every tabloid she possibly can to deny rumors that anything’s wrong with her marriage to Portia De Rossi. In addition to that, most of the interviews that she’s giving are VERY personal and detailed, and seem more like an apology than a defense.

I’m of the firm belief that there’s never this much smoke without fire, and although Ellen and Portia might not be on the verge of breaking up like the tabloids are suggesting, I also don’t think everything’s as fine and dandy as Ellen’s making it out to be. Plus, don’t forget – although we’re hearing plenty from Ellen, there’s still nary a peep from Portia.

Really, why does Ellen care about these rumors? I mean, she’s used to speculation and rumors, and she’s used to tabloids. So why is she speaking up, and why now? Again, this whole thing seems more like a public apology than anything else, and she could be doing all this to appease Portia – either because their marriage really is on the rocks, or because Portia’s upset by the rumors. Ellen was seen last week with a mystery woman on a date… .

In the same issue of Closer Weekly, Rosie O’Donnell also discusses how losing weight ended up ‘saving her life‘. In addition to that, Simon Cowell opens up about the birth of his new baby boy, and Olivia Newton-John discusses her anticipated Las Vegas show.

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  1. LitZena . says:

    I agree so much with this author and have posted almost identical comments to hers. Why race around defending this relationship which appears as total desperation!? More importantly, let’s hear what Portia has to say, please!! I have read again the portion in Anne Heche’s book Call Me Crazy written around a decade ago and in it, she describes the exact same thing the alleged friends of Portia’s describes about Ellen being way too controlling in a relationship and insanely jealous. If Portia wants to dispel this information and disagrees with it why is she so silent and Ellen frantically disclaiming everything!! I know many decades ago Johnny Carson was furious with The National Enquirer for implying his marriage was on the rocks and said so to his viewers explaining it’s not worth suing the newspaper however soon afterward they had one of the ugliest divorces in Hollywood’s history!! I think the truth is that we just don’t know as outsiders. Time is the true culprit but surely you have heard everything is not as it appears. So instead being so sure that they have a great relationship or that they have a horrible relationship why not just wait and see which way the wind winds up blowin’!!

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