Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Divorce Moves Ahead: Couple Cancel Baby Plans?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Divorce Moves Ahead: Cancel Baby Plans?

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw may have publicly denied rumors that their marriage was on the rocks, but by their own words, you really shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Faith and Tim could easily be trying to throw the public off their tracks, especially since rumor has it that they’re both trying desperately to fix their marriage by every means necessary.

See, couples – especially celebrity couples in the public eye – always have their relationships ups and downs, and they’re always heightened because of the gossip and drama surrounding their personal lives. In the case of Faith and Tim, the public and media are particularly fascinated with them because of the royalty status they hold in the world of country music. Thus, their personal lives will hold an increased fascination for everyone in that world, including their fans and the tabloids.

Personally, it’s always been easy to believe the rumors that Tim was cheating on Faith, only because very few successful couples in the music industry are actually stable and committed to each other. Sure, they exist, but seeing Tim’s flirtatious nature and the way he’s always sidling up to the ladies makes it doubly difficult to believe this his motives are pure and that he’s as devoted to Faith as he says.

Plus, there were all those rumors a couple of weeks ago about how Tim and Faith were trying to have another baby to save their marriage, and if that’s the case, then they’re really in trouble. However, sources now tell us that Tim and Faith are actually not planning on having another kid, so we don’t know whether they changed their minds or whether the tabloids just made it up. However, what we do know is that their marriage is still reportedly on the rocks, and if they’re not looking at a baby to save their marriage, then what are they looking at? Hard work and commitment? HAH. As if. Seriously, don’t be surprised to see their marriage implode in the near future, especially if they continue spending as much time apart as they have recently.

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  • 12Feliciene

    I will believe it when it happens. The rumor has been out there for so long & it hasn’t happened. Could always be true but I take it with a grain of salt. The baby rumor was just that. They are too smart to think a baby keeps a marriage together as it puts on more pressure on the marriage.

  • pappapump


  • Myra Robinson

    just saw him on cmt and he was wearing his wedding ring and i just bought the new country weekly and he speaks very highly of his wife and how she is very important to him. he also says he could not make it without her. in so many words. I can tell they are still in love. oh yeah he was on Ellen and she asked about the baby rumor and he laughed and said no we have 3 girls and are well satisfied with our girls. we don’t need anymore kids, our lives are fine. he was serious.

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  • Myra Robinson

    since their kids are older and need Mom more he is working and she prefers to be with the girls and her album did not make the cut,so many of the songs did not make it on radio ,so she must have decided to be a homebody until she has something more substantial for her fans. he is touring in a bus now,but they keep in touch by cellphone and he sometimes flies home when he has the time between shows. he loves taking their girls to school each day and they have been looking at colleges since Gracie is nearing that age.

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