Farrah Abraham Working at a Strip Club – Just Like Jennifer Aniston!

Farrah Abraham Working at a Strip Club - Just Like Jennifer Aniston!

So much for a career in reality television or movies, huh? Farrah Abraham was certainly delusional when she believed that she had a future as an actress, which was even more ironic when she acted in that porno and pretended that it was an intimate sex tape that just got leaked. But now, she’s been dropped from the Teen Mom franchise and is forced to work at a strip club to pay the bills.

Of course, Farrah will never admit that. She claims she’s doing it for ‘research’, telling E! News, “I’m doing research. In the same way Jennifer Aniston researched her role as a stripper, that’s what I’m doing. It’s how I get the information to write my books and do my movies. Unfortunately, I’m not free to talk about what those future projects may be. And while I’m doing it, I’m getting paid. I’m getting paid to play a role and get informed.”

Oh. my. god. Is she for real? The fact that she’s comparing herself to Jennifer Aniston, the fact that she claims that she’s doing ‘research’ for MOVIE roles, and that she’s not ‘free’ to talk about those future projects. PUH-LEASE. Either Farrah is genuinely suffering from delusions of grandeur, or she’s just the biggest liar we’ve ever met.

Yes, we know being a stripper might not be the most glamorous thing on the planet, but first it was the porn star denial, and now this? Farrah would be much better off if she just admitted that she was doing all this because she needs money. She has a daughter, so nobody would have judged her – much. But by lying about it and denying it, she’s just coming off as the biggest twat in the industry. Plus, the whole part of her name-dropping Jennifer Aniston just screams desperate, doesn’t it? There is no way that she’s ever going to be a movie star, and she just sounds like an attention-seeking famewhore when she keeps harping on about it.

What do you guys think of Farrah’s comments? Cray-cray or attention-seeking? Or both?

Reality star, turned porn star, turned author, Farrah Abraham promotes her new book ‘In The Making’ at day 3 of the 2014 Bookexpo America at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on May 31, 2014

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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