Franklin & Bash Recap 8/27/14: Season 4 Episode 3 “Love Is the Drug”

Franklin & Bash Recap 8/27/14: Season 4 Episode 3 “Love Is the Drug”

Franklin & Bash returns tonight on TNT with a new episode at 10 PM EST called “Love Is the Drug”. On tonight’s episode, the guys defend a taxi-service driver who’s accused of stealing celebrity handbags. Meanwhile, Infeld punches a restaurateur, escalating a bitter rivalry between the two. Guest stars include Mike Tyson and John Michael Higgins.

On the last episode, the firm’s newest attorney, Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks), took point on a seemingly simple divorce case, but when it was revealed that the plaintiff was married to a plastic surgeon who had been subletting at the firm (guest star Willie Garson), Peter and Jared stepped in to ensure they don’t lose the much needed revenue stream. The guys had to now win the case by proving the surgeon cheated on her with her. Also, a promise to score tickets to a highly anticipated baseball game sent the boys calling in favors all over town leading to a kiss Peter or Jared will never forget. Creed Bratton also guest stars. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, a driver who works for a crowd-sourced taxi service is accused of stealing celebrity handbags with the help of one of his passengers. Peter and Jared have their work cut out for them when it’s revealed the passenger used a fake identity to book the rides, and left their client to take the fall. The guys must find the mystery girl and convince her to confess, but when they do, they discover the driver’s crush on her is so debilitating, it’s almost clinical, giving them no choice but to put his neurochemicals on the stand and prove his “crush” is akin to that of a “judgment impairing drug.” Meanwhile, furious that his caricature has been removed from a local restaurant, Infeld sucker-punches the owner (guest star John Michael Higgins), re-sparking a bitter rivalry. To avoid a costly settlement that could bury him and the firm in debt, Franklin & Bash arrange a more old-school measure to appease the victim: Infeld must take one punch from guest star Mike Tyson.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode of Franklin & Bash begins with Jared and Steven calling a firm meeting. They announce that they now have an Instagram page for the firm, and then go over their cases. A man is suing the sleeping pill company Twilera because he blacked out and ordered a prostitute named Fantasia, no one wants to take the case so Jared assigns it to Ellen.

After the meeting Stanton lectures Jared and Steve, he says they can’t run a firm with pizza parties and football if they expect to become a top firm again. While Jared and Steve bicker about where they should go out to dinner to discuss the firm, Stanton kicks them out of his office and says he needs to answer all of his emails.

A client named Jimmy Livano comes in to the office, he needs a lawyer because he was arrested for stealing Gwyneth Paltrow’s purse form a bar, and they caught him on surveillance cameras leaving the bar with a woman named Kim who was carrying the purse. Jared and Steve says he is looking at ten years for grand larceny. Jimmy guilts them in to taking his case and reminds him that he gave them a ride home from the bar and they both puked in his backseat.

Jared and Steve pay Ellen a visit and fill him in on Bob Allen’s case against Twilera. Ellen argues that she didn’t join the firm to represent “wierdos and pot-heads.” Bob Allen arrives and he turns out to be an underwear model, so Ellen agrees to take the case.

Steve and Jared head to court with Jimmy Livano, they argue to try and get the case dismissed. But, the opposing council reveals Livano’s GPS records which reveal that after he and Kim left with Gwyneth Paltrow’s purse, they pulled in to a pawn shop parking lot. The judge allows them to enter the evidence and says they are going to trial.

After court Jimmy insists that Kim is setting him up, and the whole night is a blur. Jared and Steve decide that they need to find his “mystery girl” that he was seen with that night and try to get her to tell them the truth about the purse.

Dan stops by Jared and Steve’s house later and has news on Jimmy’s mystery girl. He found pictures of her at red carpet events with Jimmy that were taken by the paparazzi on the internet. He notices that the pictures are watermarked by the same photog company, and he says he is going to look in to it. Before he leaves Jared asks Dan if he wants to move in because they have an extra room, Dan reveals that he has been living in their house for a week now.

Jared pays Ellen a visit and tries to convince her to give the Bob Allen case to someone else because he can tell that she is into him. She says she can’t give it up because it is turning into a class action lawsuit and there have been multiple cases against Twilera. A 6,000 case just became a $6 Million case.

future of the firm. When they arrive at their regular restaurant, the owner seats them in the back by the bathroom since Stanton has “fallen from grace.” Stanton realizes that they have taken his caricature off from the wall and replaced it with Mike Tyson’s picture, after arguing with the owner of the restaurant, Stanton punches him in the face. The owner tells him he wants $100,000 in 24 hrs. or else he is going to the police.

Franklin and Bash head to a modeling agency following a tip on Jimmy’s mystery girl. One of the models recognize the girl in the picture and say that her name is Sadie Juvonen and she used to work for them as a product pusher but they let her go. They give her an address and say she is crashing on a friend’s couch.

Franklin is watching Ellen and Bob flirt from across the office. Dan offers to spy on them to see what is going on with them, Franklin tries to talk him out of it but Dan says he will “do anything for his roomie.”

Franklin and Bash head to Sadie’s address. They inform her the cops will be there in 60 seconds to arrest her, and they will help her as long as she tells them that Jimmy Livano didn’t have anything to do with her stealing the purses. The cops arrive and Sadie smirks and says, “Thank god you guys are here, Jimmy Livano forced me to rob those women.” The cops haul her off in handcuffs as Franklin and Bash stand there confused.

The owner of the restaurant Dominic that Stanton punched meets up with Franklin and Bash at the firm. Bash informs him that if he calls the cops on Stanton, they will press charges against him for blackmailing and extortion. Dominic and Stanton begin arguing, and decide they are going to have to fight it out and settle it once and for all. Stanton agrees to give Dominic one free punch so they are square.

After the meeting Dan tells Franklin that he has information on Ellen. He tells them that he went through Bob’s car and found business cards from four different firms, they are all courting him and trying to get his class action case.

Franklin and Bash pay Ellen a visit and tell her that she “needs to do whatever it takes” to land Bob Allen. She argues that the other firms have expense accounts bigger than her payroll to wine and dine him, but she says she will get it done. After Ellen leaves, Bash jokes that Franklin just gave Ellen the green light to have sex with Bob.

Franklin and Bash head to court with Jimmy Livano and learn that Sadie plead guilty and cut a deal with the district attorney. Jimmy doesn’t care though, he wonders aloud if he “still has a shot with her.” After court they lecture Jimmy that she is the enemy and he can’t be flirting with her in court. Sadie walks back in the court room and Jimmy swoons again, he says that her perfume is “Pink Sapphire.” Franklin and Bash think that Sadie may have drugged Jimmy.

Stanton and Dominic meet up in the alley so that Dominic can punch Stanton. After they sign contracts agreeing not to sue each other and where Stanton is allowed to hit him. Once they sign the contracts, Dominic announces that he is bringing in a substitute puncher, Mike Tyson. Dominic points out that his contract doesn’t say who delivers the punch, while Stanton is arguing Mike Tyson decks him and he drops to the ground in pain.

In court Franklin and Bash call a toxicologist to the witness stand, they are arguing that Jimmy was drugged by Sadie’s perfume. They put Jimmy on the stand and prove that he has a photographic memory and there is no way he got lost and accidentally pulled in to the pawn shop parking lot, unless he was drugged. They have Sadie come up to the stand and have the toxicologist retest Jimmy, and reveal that his pupils are as dilated as someone on opiates.

Back at the office Frankline and Bash are playing with their foam dart guns, and Ellen barges in. Bob Allen found Dan going through his garbage, so he dropped them and he took his case to Karp. She reveals that it actually was a good thing because Dan found shredded documents in his trash proving that he faked his case. They laugh that they aren’t going to warn Karp.

Back at court Bash is arguing to the judge that Jimmy Livanos was “high on Sadie Juvonen” and he was “lost in love” so he had no idea that Sadie was scamming him and stealing purses. Somehow they manage to persuade the judge to drop the charges, after court Jimmy thanks Franklin and Bash for his help. Jimmy tells Sadie to give him a call when she gets out of jail, he still wants to see her again.


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