General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review May 5 – May 9

General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review May 5 - May 9

What follows is the recap and review for General Hospital week of May 5 to May 9. The 2014 Nurses Ball dominated this past week’s drama and will continue next week as well

Monday – Ned accuses look “Luke” of embezzlement after he catches him with all the money at ELQ. “Luke” informs the Ned, Nedder, Neddest he couldn’t be more wrong. The money is supposedly “Luke’s” and he wants to put it in ELQ. I still don’t understand why nobody is catching on, bring Laura back bet she can sort this out for everyone. Tracy. Jus the lies once again. Ned leaves upset, followed by Tracy. With them safely out of ear shot “Luke” places a call to Julian.

Sabrina wants to know if Carlos did in fact murder AJ. Anna puts them in a interrogation room so that they can talk. Sabrina tells him a out the baby which only serves to upset Carlos more. Carlos lies and tells Sabrina he did murder AJ, Sabrina is livid that he lies do her. Carlos claims he did if all for her. Sabrina leaves in a huff. Duke shows up and fella Anna he can help her bring down Jerome by way of his drug trafficking. Anna tells him that’s a no go because then it would bring attention to their relationship together.

Franco and Carly put their heads together figure out that two plus two is indeed four and so that must mean the reason for AJ’s murder is on his phone. They listen to the recording with bated breath. They first head Ava pull the gun some static and then Sonny shooting AJ. Franco wants to give the phone to Anna. Carly won’t because it will prove Sonny’s guilt.

Sonny lets Shawn know he is sending Ava to his island. Sonny then comes clean about sleeping with Ava and Morgan walking in mere seconds later.

Olivia shows up at Sonny’s to find Morgan moving out. Olivia relays what Sonny told her about him and Ava breaking up. Morgan tells her Sonny is a lying liar who lies and then takes off. Alexis stops by and they talk about Ava and Morgan. Alexis leaves. That’s when Olivia finally by a vowel and a clue. When Sonny shows up Olivia ask him point blank if he had sex with Ava Jerome.

Julian calls Ava out on the fact she is helping Sonny. Julian also wants to know who she banged behind Morgans back so he can send him flowers and a thank you card once she is dead. Ava finds out that Julian is working for someone and it’s either him or her. Before he can pull the trigger Morgan comes in and knocks Julian out with a statue. Morgan tells her he is the one that told Julian. Ava tries to win Morgan back. Morgan makes it clear they are done and then leaves. Ava picks up the gun and points it at Julian.

Tuesday – Franco and Carly see Anna at GH and tell her they looked for AJ’s phone but didn’t find it. Anna ask Felix about AJ’s phone. Felix tells her it was in the lost and found up until Carly and Franco took it. I wonder why Monica or Michael never looked for or asked for it.

Julian is trying to explain to a gun welding Ava that he doesn’t have a choice in this situation. Ava is sure he did have a choice. Before she can kill Julian Shawn shows up and reminds her Julian has to stay alive for Danny’s sake. Ava relents and while she is gathering her things Julian informs Shawn that Ava is the one no stuck a bullet in Olivia. The irony. Ava tells Shawn it’s true and that he better keep quiet or she will tattle on Sonny.

“Luke” is in the process of leaving a message for Julian telling him that Ava better be taking a dirt nap. Michael comes in and wonders who pissed in “Luke’s” Cheerios. “Luke” gives him a line about trying to prove himself. Michael tells “Luke” that Kiki thought a donation to the nurses ball in AJ’s name would be the perfect way to honor him. Michael is hoping “Luke” can convince Tracy. “Luke” tells him he will talk to Tracy on his behalf. Julian drops by and tells “Luke” Morgan intervened before he could whack Ava.

Morgan goes to Michaels looking for him, he finds Kiki instead. Morgan tells Kiki he needs a place to stay and all about her mom and his dad doing the nasty. After dinner Morgan tells Kiki he wants to tell Michael what their dad is really like. Kiki wants him to wait awhile. Michael comes in and Morgan informs him he is moving in with Carly but doesn’t say why.

Olivia is waiting for Sonny to answer the million dollar question. When he stays quiet she yells and demands the truth. Sonny tells her he did but it want on purpose and Ava was the only one he could turn to because she understood him. Olivia is freaking out and ask Sonny if a a crew up with him and had his child at 15. Sonny assures Olivia it will never happen again. Olivia tells him it’s to little to late and she never wants to see him again.

Mac shows up at Maxie’s. She thinks he is up to something but Mac tells her he just wants to spend time with her without Levi around. Maxie tells him when she met Levi she was at rock bottom but he helped her realize she could be a better person. Maxie However does give in and ears with him. Maxie is excited for this years Nurses Ball because she isn’t pregnant, isn’t keeping a soul shattering secret, and Robin is alive. It’s a trifecta of positives to Maxie. Max gives her a hug.

Carly and Franco are concerned they will never really find out what happened with AJ that night. They just can’t figure out what AJ had on Ava. Anna calls and tells Carly she knows she has AJ’s phone. Franco thinks they should get out of dodge.

Wednesday – Spencer is upset with Cameron because he is dancing the tango with Emma at the Nurses Ball. Ric arrives soon after to pick up Liz and Cameron. Ric ask Liz to the ball and she accepts. Spencer is still upset about the whole Emma thing and tells his dad he is sure they were meant to be. Nikolas tells him meant to be isn’t always meant to be.

Maxie is taking in Nathan’s dancing for the Nurses’ Ball. Nathan ask her about him having to move out. Maxie assures him that was Levi’s idea. Levi comes prancing out and ask Nathan to leave. Maxie tells him she wants Nathan to stay and so stay he will. Maxie tells him she can’t wait to see Nathan make a fool out of himself at the ball. Levi informs Maxie they aren’t going to the ball.

Michael is practicing while Kiki watches. Ned knocks at the door and tells Kiki he needs her help to get his mom out of “Luke’s” clutches. Kiki thinks “Luke” knows what they are up to. Michael happens to head the part where Ned ask Kiki to make another move on “Luke”. Kiki has no choice but go come clean to Michael. Michael has for one door out the door and “Luke” size ass kicking on his mind when Ned stops him and tells them he has a better idea.

“Luke” tells Tracy about Michaels favor. Tracy agrees to do it but then “Luke” quickly talks her out of it. Scott ask Bobbie to go to the ball with him. At first Bonnie says no but after some fast talking from Scott she relents and tells him she will be his date.

Epiphany offers to five Felix the day off to get ready for the ball but Obrecht shows up and puts a stop to it. Obrecht tells them the hospital wa in side straights and she gave the millions that was needed to keep if going. Meaning Obrecht paid for her position as Chied of Staff. Felix and Epiphany are concerned Obrecht will find a way to ruin the ball.

Mac is practicing the worst dummy routine I’ve seen since that one episode of Buffy. Felicia, Duke, Lucy, Anna, Kevin, and Emma agree with me. Lucy rushes back to the hospital. Anna informs Duke that Carly and Ann took of with AJ’s phone.

Obrecht shows up and tells the dummy she knows how he feels but that no one puts Obrecht in the corner.

Thursday – Shawn meets with Sonny before heading to the ball. Shawn goes him a heads up that Jordan will be seating with them. Sonny tells Shawn he isn’t going to the ball.

Nathan wants to know if Maxie is regretting her decision to stay home. Maxie tells him no she is looking forward to her night with Levi.

Elizabeth comes downstairs looking as beautiful as ever. Nikolas offers to have his driver return her home but she tells him that Ric is taking her. Nikolas is apparently not attending.

Lucy is naturally running around in her undies still not ready with minutes to go. Felicia comes in and they talk about Scott. Kevin heads but Felicia makes up a story about a routine Lucy is doing for Kevin, which of course she isn’t. Felicia is confident Lucy will come up with something.

On the red carpet Olivia is questioned about Sonny and if he is her date. Sam and Silas show up and process to trip and fall, Silas tells her that no one saw Sam knows they did. Alexis and Julian are together as a couple. Everyone else follows them in. Michael goes for “Luke” but Ned stops him and reminds Michael they have a plan and of happens tonight. Epiphany starts getting ready while Nathan has the task of informing Mac and Felicia that Maxie opted to stay home with her whack a doodle of a boyfriend instead of coming to the ball. Olivia Informs Dante that his father is a two timing low life. Lucy finally comes out and and introduce the firs fact the nurses of GH. Before they can really get going Obrecht comes out with a bunch of nurses in lingerie to do a cabaret routine.

Britt and Brad end up watching the ball together. Brad laughs his ass off when he sees Sam kiss the pavement. Brad literally rewinds it over and over and over and over. Britt is stunned by her mothers performance.

Spencer tells his dad he wants to go to the ball.

Levi finds Maxie watching it and turns the television off claiming it’s for her own good. Maxie promises she will only watch for ten minutes. Levi ask her now she really feels about the ball and Maxie tells him she loves it. Levi them tells her that they should go.

Friday – Nikolas gives in to Spencer’s request. As soon as Nikolas leaves to get ready Spencer calls his grandma. When Nikolas comes back downstairs he finds Spencer dancing. Spencer runs off and gets dressed in a glittering lapel suit combo.

Maxie runs off to get ready.

Obrect informs the entire audience that this celebration never could have happened without her support. Lucy gets her off the stage and has Kiki and company come up next. Obrecht is nagging Dante about her ankle bracelet. Nathan pulls her away. Ned performs next them he joins his mom at her table. Nathan sees Maxie arrive and tells her she looks beautiful. The moment is ruined when Levi comes parading over. Britt and Brad show up next. Brad gets in a mini confrontation with Felix and Lucas. “Luke” performs next and when it’s over he informs everyone he and Tracy are getting married right then and there. Lucy performs the service. Lulu and Ned are part of it as well. Ned is still determined to make “Luke” pay for what he did to Kiki and tells her. Dante chews Sonny for screwing Ava behind his moms back. Next up is a strip routine Felix, Nathan, Michael, Lucas and of course Milo perform in it. Lucy comes back on stage and says that Blackie Parrish is next. Sweet so John Stamos is up next week.