General Hospital Spoilers June Intrigue: Ric Lansing’s Death Faked or Is Nathan Shot?

General Hospital Spoilers June Intrigue: Ric Lansing’s Death Faked or Is Nathan Shot?

General Hospital spoilers teased for weeks that there would be a mob related shooting in Port Charles this week, but no one was really expecting what unfolded on June 11th. GH fans speculated that Sonny, Julian, or Luke would be involved in any shootings that were going to take place in PC. We all ruled Ric Lansing out seeing as how he is currently being held in Port Charles Jail.

On the June 11th episode of General Hospital, Anna devised a plan to protect Ric from whoever was running the Jerome crime organization and setting him up. Anna headed upstairs and distracted Molly and Liz while Nathan entered Ric’s jail cell. Nathan told Ric, “it was now or never,” and then shots rang out. So, either one of two things happened: Ric decided to steal Nathan’s gun and shoot him so that he could escape from PCPD and not be held for a crime he didn’t commit; or, Nathan shot and killed Ric Lansing for some crazy reason that we are unaware of yet.

Our theory is that Anna and Nathan devised a plan to ensure Ric was protected from the Port Charles mobsters and didn’t have to go before a judge and be convicted of a crime he didn’t commit — all by pretending to shoot him and faking his own death. Anna and Nathan will most likely move Ric to protective custody and hold him there until Fake Luke is arrested and they are sure it is safe to reveal Ric is really alive.

It looks like General Hospital is going to pull an “Adam Newman” and have Ric Lansing watch over his daughter Molly and girlfriend Liz from afar until it is safe for him to return to Port Charles and reveal he is still alive.

What do you think about the shooting on General Hospital? Do you think that Ric attempted to escape and shot Nathan, or are they faking Ric’s death until they figure out who set him up? Share your thought and theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

  • PassionQueen77

    I don’t know what was going on with that jail cell. Ric is going to get killed i have a feeling. Nathan wouldn’t be the one getting shot. Ric is bad news and he is Sonny half brother. It looks like Sonny mother got remarried to Ric father. I am only guessing. If Ric is leaving the show he would be missed. Molly will miss her father. Ric was about to make love to Elizabeth before he got arrested. Luke and Julian decided to frame Ric for something he didn’t do. I don’t like this storyline. The fake Luke needs to be stopped and arrested for shooting that hitman.

  • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts

    I understand it and like it better if its faked death Protective custody for Ric until Fake Luke and Julian are toast. Which hopefully between Sonny, hopefully Jasons return, and Duke they take those slimy goons out.

  • katy

    All I know is I want Ric to be with Elizabeth. I do not like her with Nikolas… they just don’t have chemistry. In all honesty I don’t like her at all until she is in a storyline with Ric…. she’s less of s self righteous do gooder when she’s with him. Britt and Nikolas should be together and Liz and Ric should be together!!

  • Andrew Hass

    I can understand why they faked Ric’s death.With him “dead” his loved ones are safe because there’s no reason for them to be targets anymore.Plus “Luke” and Julian’s plan to set up Ric is dead because they can’t plant evidence against a dead man any longer.Which means they’ll have to change their plans somewhat and they could make mistakes as a result.

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