General Hospital Spoilers: Cousin Bill Eckert is Fake Luke Theory – Compatible Organ Donor with Luke Spencer? (VIDEO)

General Hospital Spoilers: Cousin Bill Eckert is Fake Luke Theory - Compatible Organ Donor with Luke Spencer? (VIDEO)

The “Luke Spencer Imposter” storyline has been dragging on for months on ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital. Although most GH fans had already come to the conclusion that the Luke Spencer we have been watching is an imposter, it was confirmed on the May 30th episode when Fake Luke paid Real Luke a visit in Miscavige where he had stashed him away. TPTB at General Hospital had teased that Fake Luke would take a really important meeting on May 30th, and drop a huge clue about his identity.

We all gathered around our televisions and watched Fake Luke taunt Real Luke, waiting for the “huge clue” to be revealed and finally resolve the million dollar question – who is the Luke Spencer imposter? The episode came and went, and GH fans felt like they had been duped. There were no clues dropped by Fake Luke about his true identity…or so we thought.

After re-watching yesterday’s scenes between Real Luke and Fake Luke, we noticed a huge clue that we had totally overlooked the first time we watched the May 30th episode. Real Luke tells Fluke that he can’t kill him, he might need something from him. Fake Luke agrees and comments, “You know what? You’re right. I might need some DNA. Hell, I might need a kidney. God knows your liver is useless.”

All this talk about DNA and kidneys got us to thinking. There actually is one suspect on the list of possible Luke Spencer imposters who shares the same DNA, and would be able to use one of Luke’s kidneys since they are related to one another. Bill Eckert, Luke Spencer’s doppelganger/cousin.

Bill Eckert was actually killed off from General Hospital in 1993, but that doesn’t mean anything. Dozens of characters on General Hospital have risen from the ashes numerous times on the ABC soap opera. When Sonny Corinthos first learned someone was bankrolling Julian Jerome, he tracked the funds to an account once owned by Barrett Enterprises and Julia Barrett. Ironically, Julia Barrett dated Bill Eckert off and on for the two years that he was on General Hospital. Bill’s girlfriend Julia Barrett also could explain his beef with Sonny. The Barrett Family despises Sonny because of all the trouble he brought on his on-again off-again girlfriend Brenda Barrett (Julia’s little sister), and all of the times her life was endangered because of her relationship with Sonny.

You’re probably wondering why Bill Eckert would want to drug his own cousin and lock him in a room and throw away the key? Bill was shot and allegedly killed by mobster Frank Smith and his men in 1993, but it was actually Luke’s fault that he was shot. It was a case of mistaken identity. If Luke hadn’t gotten involved with the mob, Bill never would have wound up shot.

So General Hospital fans, are you convinced that Fake Luke is Real Luke’s cousin Bill Eckert? Do you think the comments about DNA and kidneys was a dead give away, or are we over analyzing what was said between the two men? If not Bill Eckert, then who do you think Fake Luke is? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

Check out this amazing video of an interview with Tony Geary from when he played Bill Eckert back in the day. Once thing about this video is it might call into question the Bill Eckert is Fake Luke theory – because the video shows Bill’s death in 1993 – and he seems VERY dead. We will see….

  • shellyrc7

    If he is Bill Eckert and has the same DNA as Luke why would he need Luke’s DNA? If it’s Bill Eckert I am done…it would be a complete deviation from his character and storyline. All the writers should be fired if it is.

  • shellyrc7

    If it’s Bill Eckert – why would he have to study Luke for months or
    years to get his mannerisms and speech down. He would already know that!
    And he would know all about his family already, he wouldn’t have to
    torture him for memories and study him. I think you’re looking at the wrong “clue”.

  • shellyrc7

    article says your reasoning for this conclusion is the DNA/kidney
    comment, but those two reasons contradict each other. If it’s Bill
    Eckert and they share the same DNA then he could use Luke’s kidney,
    however, he wouldn’t need his DNA. The reason to have Luke’s DNA would
    be to prove to someone that Fluke is Luke. If he were Bill Eckert and
    already shared DNA, he wouldn’t need Luke’s DNA.

  • Anoa J Changa

    He also said I was freed to be the amazing Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, and you were freed to rot…He also said who am I? I look like you. I have your face. And Bill’s last words when he alleged died in 1993 was it was a bitter sweet justice when the last face he sees is his own. This is Bill and the cartel is trying to come back and take over. Furthermore, Faison recently returned posing as Duke trying to take down Sonny using Joe Jr. and Tre to steal Sonny’s money. This is all connected in an attempt to regain control of PC by some remnants of the cartel.

  • Anoa J Changa

    Anthony Geary talks about his disappointment in the evolution and death of Bill Eckert and the crossover with the returning Luke Spencer on “General Hospital” on “Pure Soap” in November 1993.

  • Kimberley Burrows

    It is jerry jaxs cause he hated both sonny and luke

  • nt

    DNA would also be needed to prove to someone that fake luke is the real luke. I think the statement did not hold any significant clues. Maybe it’s Bill Eckert, maybe not…..Frankly at this point I could care less.

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  • katie

    I really dont care who this Luke is !! all I know its been dragging a long time and it becomes very boring, so pls stop dragging it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Virginia L Fox

    I think the fake Luke is Faison.