General Hospital Spoilers: Ric Lansing Stirs Up Drama and Is Ava Jerome Going To Shut Delia Ryan Up – Feb 26

General Hospital Spoilers: Ric Lansing Stirs Up Drama and Is Ava Jerome Going To Shut Delia Ryan Up - Feb 26

Port Charles is a complicated town to live in, and Ava Jerome and Ric Lansing are making it even more complicated this week on General Hospital. Between Ava’s scheming and Ric’s sudden return to town, Port Charles is being turned upside down. Here’s what GH fans can expect to see tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26th, on General Hospital.

Ava’s mother Delia agreed to meet with the pharmacist Nakamura and try to get him to admit that Ava set up Silas to take the fall for his wife’s attempted murder. Ava cut off her own mother Delia when she learned she was a Jerome, and hasn’t let her see her granddaughter, so Delia is more than happy to help Silas when he promises her he will make sure she gets to spend time with Kiki. Tomorrow, Wednesday February 26th, Ava will pay Delia an unexpected visit. Will Ava be able to derail Silas and Sam’s plans by stopping her mother from meeting with Nakamura?

Meanwhile, Carlos will be busy tomorrow cleaning up Ava Jerome’s other mess, AJ. It looks like Carlos accepted Ava’s assignment, and he will try to take out AJ tomorrow on General Hospital.

Sonny is determined to find out who is bankrolling Julian Jerome’s operation, and with Ric Lansing in town it is beginning to look more and more like he may be the “secret kingpin” that is helping the Jerome Family. Ric Lansing isn’t exactly lying low in Port Charles, tomorrow he will have a chat with Olivia. Olivia may put two and two together and realize Ric Lansing is behind the Jerome operation before Sonny figures it out.

Also, tomorrow on General Hospital, Nathan will give Kiki a file on her Dad Silas, but she may not like what she reads in it. TJ will fill Shawn and Sonny in on Julian’s request for him to testify, and Franco and Carly will have a heart to heart regarding Michael.

Are you convinced that Ric Lansing is the anonymous person funneling money into Julian Jerome’s organization, or do you have another idea as to who it may be? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

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