General Hospital Spoilers April 2014: Britt, Lulu, or Elizabeth Shot by Dr. Obrecht During Arrest – Luke’s Imposter Seeks Deadly Revenge

General Hospital Spoilers April 2014: Britt, Lulu, or Elizabeth Shot by Dr. Obrecht During Arrest - Luke's Imposter Seeks Deadly Revenge

There were some shocking revelations in Port Charles last month on the popular ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. ABC released a spoiler video for the month of April and it looks like this month may be just as intense as March, if not more. Here’s what GH fans can expect to see on the soap opera during the month of April.

This month of April General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms will finally return to Port Charles, and in the video she can be seen sharing a moment with Detective Nathan West. Also, the crazy Luke storyline continues. We still have no idea who is posing as a Luke imposter, or if the real Luke just had us fooled all along. But, in the spoiler video Luke tells Sonny that his “plans for Port Charles are deadly.”

Update: we just got a serious spoiler about who is Luke’s imposter. But I’m not telling you yet.  I’ll write a special post this weekend just on this topic – prepare to be surprised!

Meanwhile Sonny and Carly face off and she has to make a very difficult decision, will she reveal that Sonny killed Michael’s biological father AJ Quartermaine? Moments before AJ passed away he woke up and Carly was the only one in his hospital room, he told her that Sonny Corinthos was the person that shot him because of Ava. If Carly tells the truth though, Michael will disown Sonny, and he won’t have any father left.

The most shocking scene on the General Hospital spoiler video is most definitely the one involving Dr. Obrecht, Britt, Nik, Lulu, Ben, and Dante. It looks like there is going to be another shooting rocking the town of Port Charles, and it is anyone’s bet who gets shot. Dr. Obrecht is holding baby Ben and an entire room full of people hostage, at gunpoint, including her own daughter and Lulu. When Dante barges in with the PC police department, Nikolas tries to play the hero and tackle Obrecht, her gun fires and we hear a scream as the video ends.  A question remains – has Britt been co-opted once more by her mom prior to the shooting? Does she join forces with Dr. Obrecht and try to escape Port Charles with baby Ben 0r does she fully cooperate  with Dante to return the baby to his rightful parents?

Who do you think Dr. Obrecht shot, Elizabeth, Lulu, Britt, Nikolas or maybe even Baby Ben? Doubtful it would be the baby – that’s not typical on TV.  Do you think Carly will reveal the truth about AJ Quartermaine’s shooter, or will she keep Sonny’s secret for the sake of Michael (and Sonny)? Carly’s motivation would appear to be all about not opening up about what AJ said on his deathbed – however how else can she nail Ava? So on the one hand Carly wants to protect Sonny and spare Michael but on the other hand her knowledge gives her a powerful tool to use against Ava… what to do? Also, is it just us or is there is potential romance in the works between Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan West? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

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  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    I wonder who got shot. If it is Lulu then it won’t look good. I can’t wait when Dante and the police catch that wicked woman at Elizabeth house. It is up to the police department of what they are going to do with that doctor woman. I can’t wait to see that part. I am so glad that i am watching this show. This show gives me goosebumps in a good way.

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