General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Kills Michael as Ordered by Fake Luke? Maxie, Lulu’s Rescue by Nathan and Dante

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Kills Michael as Ordered by Fake Luke? Maxie, Lulu’s Rescue by Nathan and Dante

General Hospital spoilers for August 25-29 tease a week of drama GH fans won’t want to miss. According to General Hospital spoilers, there will be a major break in the case of Maxie and Lulu’s kidnapping form an unexpected source. Dante and Nathan are determined to save the damsels in distress, and they also uncover some interesting dirt on Levi in the process.

GH spoilers for the week of August 25 tease that the Britt-Nikolas-Liz love triangle really heats up. When everyone gathers at the police station to await news on Lulu and Maxie’s kidnapping, Elizabeth is not happy to see Nikolas arrive with Britt. And Britt can’t wait to rub it in her face that she nearly had sex with Nikolas before they received the phone call about Lulu. By the end of the week, Elizabeth confronts Nikolas about Britt.

Nikolas isn’t the only Port Charles resident who has found himself in the middle of a complicated love triangle. Despite the fact that Carly informed Sonny they were done fooling around, Sonny corners her again at the Port Charles Police Department, with Franco right around the corner. While Carly is canoodling with Sonny right under Franco’s nose, General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco runs in to Scott and learns that Carly lied about her alibi the night before.

Fake Luke ordered Ava Jerome to kill Michael Corinthos; her daughter’s boyfriend, Julian, warned her that she should do what Fake Luke says or else he will attack her family. According to General Hospital spoilers, Ava invites Kiki and Michael over for a family dinner, but after a conversation with Kiki, she gets cold feet and doesn’t kill Michael. According to General Hospital spoilers, Ava offers to do something else for Luke in hopes of pacifying him. Meanwhile, Ava’s brother Julian tries to make peace with Sonny Corinthos.

So, GH fans, do you think Nikolas should choose Britt or Liz? Should Carly choose Sonny or Franco? And what secrets do you think Dante and Nathan uncovered about Levi Dunkelman? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

  • Bridgett Hollins

    I know I am living like 12 years in the past, but I just wish that Sonny and Alexis would get together. I also want Sam and Drake to get together. Silas can’t trust her so he doesn’t deserve her back.

  • mandy michelle

    I want him with Brit …I cant stand Elizabeth she walks around like shes better than everyone else her nose is so far up in the air and is always so feel sorry for me attitude uggg cant stand that..Nicholas and Brit are so sweet and cute together

  • Jake

    I agree love Nic and Britt. I would rather Liz with someone else

  • hermajesty

    Yes I totally agree! Britt and Nick all the way!!! Those two have sparks flying everywhere. You are so right Elizabeth only wants Nicholas when somebody else has him. The writers need to bring lucky back and pair lucky and Elizabeth together. Nicholas and Elizabeth should just be good family friends. It is messed up for them to pair Nicholas and after what happened with lucky. Plus it becomes more complicated with Spencer and with Cameron because they go from being cousins to brothers. It’s just messed up. It’s too messy . Nicholas and Elizabeth don’t have any chemistry. Please keep Nicholas with Britt Because Sparks Fly and he brings out the best in her.

  • PassionQueen77

    I want Nikolas to be with Britt too. Britt has changed and she really liked Nikolas. I think Alexis should be with Julian because they make a nice couple. Ava shouldn’t kill Michael because he fired Tracey. Tracey deserve to get fired. She is wicked and mean. Tracey blackmail Alice by telling her not to tell anyone about her business ideas. I am glad Michael heard her converstation with Alice last week. Ava is pregnant with Morgan baby not Sonny lol. That love triangle between Ava with Morgan and Sonny is so funny. The love triangle between Scott, Bobbie and Lucy is funny too. The writers for the General Hospital should get an award for creating good storylines for the characters. I wish this show the best. I will keep watching General Hospital everyday. The writers put something for everybody which is a good thing.

  • Maxine3

    Nikolas should pick, none.
    He needs a new adventure!
    Nina + Silas = Levi
    Baby never died.
    Or, he is a “Quartermaine.”

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  • Kristi

    Sonny and Carly all the way!

  • PassionQueen77

    Elizabeth just want sloppy seconds. Elizabeth wants to be with Nikolas because she thinks Ric is dead. Ric is under witness protection. Everybody had to believe that Ric is dead. Elizabeth is lonely and desperate for a man. Elizabeth is the one who was about to sleep with Ric until the cops come in and mess that up. Elizabeth should focus on her own life and her son Cameron. Cameron and Emma are in love with eachother which it is so cute.

  • ncky

    Nik and Britt have ZERO chemistry. Britt only wants Nik for his money and title. Her lies need to be revealed – still confused why Nik didn’t check Spencers cell phone when he came home from being “missing”. I have a feeling it’s going to come out that Faison is not Britts father but Victor Cassadine making her Nik’s cousin (I also think Nathan is Victor’s son too). Get rid of the kiddy storylines too, I can’t believe GH is doing this. Spencer is annoying and I could do without seeing him for awhile. As for Sonny and Carly – who hasn’t Carly slept with in a moment? – Sonny, AJ – but yet she loves to sit in judgement on everyone else’s lives. Carly needs to be “outed” on her secrets. Now that would be a storyline – “who revealed Carly’s secrets?”

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