General Hospital Spoilers: Will Billy Miller as Jason Morgan Forget Sam and Hook Up With Elizabeth?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Billy Miller as Jason Morgan Forget Sam and Hook Up With Elizabeth?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] is on the path to recovery, with his devoted nurse Elizabeth by his side. Ironically, while Elizabeth is nursing Jason Morgan back to health, his wife, Sam, is in Europe with her new possible love interest, Patrick. In Sam’s defense, she has no idea that Liz’s mystery patient is actually her not-so-dead husband. It has happened time and time again in soap operas, a man nearly dies, a woman nurses him back to health, man and woman fall in love. And, according to GH spoilers, that may be the case with Liz and Jason.

When General Hospital spoilers revealed that Jason Morgan was returning, we all assumed that he would be returning to his wife Sam. No one took into consideration that he may be returning to his old flame Elizabeth Webber. Sam and Jason’s love story was so popular among GH fans we tend to forget that he actually had a long drawn out relationship with Liz Webber as well.

Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan crossed paths back in 1999, and became good friends. After years of failed relationships, Jason and Elizabeth finally took their relationship to the next level in 2006, and Jason fathered her son Jake. On more than one occasion Jason asked Liz to marry him, and she turned him down all but once because she didn’t want his lifestyle to put her children in danger. The only time she did accept Jason’s proposal was just before Michael got shot and it just confirmed that Jason’s lifestyle would put her children in danger.  If Liz and Jason had hooked up, he probably would have never wound up with Sam.

Since Jason Morgan arrived at General Hospital, Liz has been by his side. When he started to remember things in the hospital, he muttered the name “Jake.” Jake is the name of the child they shared, which means that he is starting to remember Elizabeth. Jason does not remember who Jake is and after telling Elizabeth he remembers the name Jake, Jason & Liz assume that Jake is Jason’s name.

General Hospital spoilers tease that while Sam and Patrick are hunting down Fake Luke, they will share a close moment. With Sam and Patrick out of the country together and Elizabeth in Port Charles bonding with Jason Morgan, it is beginning to look more and more like Jason could reconcile with Elizabeth Webber, instead of Sam.

What do you think, GH fans? Do you want Jason to be with Liz or Sam? Do you think Sam is better off with Patrick? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

Fans at Soap Opera Spy have strong feelings about Jason, even as played by Billy Miller:

Jason and Sam always.

NO not Jason with Liz NO, please NO!!

Only been watching about a year but I like Jason with Liz. I’ve watched Billy miller from Y&R for years n I think they will click. I started watching GH because Billy n Phillis went to GH. I like Sam with Robins ex husband.

I like Sam with Patrick together also.

I really don’t want to see him with Liz.

No I want JASON & SAM!!!!! I repeat I want JASON & SAM!!!!!!!!

Ewww sick of Liz running around town taking other ladies men. Sorry but stick her with Ric. He is right up her alley!

I like Liz with Jason. Who knows maybe this new Jason and Liz might have that chemistry. You Liz haters don’t know if Billy and Sam will have the same chemistry. We all know that some actors have chemistry together and some don’t. Let’s wait and see. Quit with the Liz bashing.

Just glad to have Jason back, I’m okay with Liz or Sam. Though I can’t see a long term Jason and Liz. Lucky will be back as soon as one of the luckys is ready to come back. Probably not the origial. (He is on Nashville) I know the other one is on DOOL right now, but he isn’t a core character.

I haven’t watched this Soap
Brings ME
He, is THE quenticentiusl
Bad boy

One thing for certain, Billy Miller is a GREAT actor and you all will be so excited as he begins to strut his stuff.