General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Jerome’s Secret Bankroller and Ben’s Paternity Exposed – Big Twists and Reveals On GH (VIDEO)

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Jerome's Secret Bankroller and Ben's Paternity Exposed - Big Twists and Reveals On GH (VIDEO)

As we get closer and closer to the nest episodes of General Hospital, the revelations get deeper and more shocking. Although we, the audience, know the true identity of baby Ben’s actual parents, most of the show’s characters do not – although it looks like they’re about to find out.

A new video promo for the show has been released, and it focuses on Nicolas’ and Britt’s engagement party. As the promo promises us, if we miss this engagement party, we’ll mix the biggest ‘twist’ yet to be revealed.

The promo gives us a glimpse of all the main characters, including Dante, his mother Olivia, Brad, Dr. Obrecht, Sam, Silas, Julian Jerome, Nicolas, Ben, Britt, Lulu, and her brother Lucas.

As we know, Britt and her mother, Dr. Obrecht, stole Dante and Luly’s fertilized embryo and implanted the embryos in Britt, producing baby Ben. However, it looks like the truth will be revealed to all the guests at the party, because we get a glimpse of Nicolas screaming at Britt and asking her whether Ben’s actually her baby.

There’s also some focus on Julian Jerome [the head of the Jerome crime family] and his purported bankroller/silent partner. In the promo, Julian is telling someone that no one is supposed to know that they have been working together. Unless this is wildly misleading, it also looks like we’re about to find out who that bankroller is.

The last shot of the promo is pretty telling, as it’s Britt holding Ben like her life depended upon it. It’s actually pretty tragic, considering that Britt was initially just planning to use Ben as a pawn, but of course, she can’t help but get attached to him as her son.

What do you guys think? Will Britt tell the truth, and will she manage to keep Ben? Who do you think Julian’s partner is?

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