General Hospital Spoilers Week of May 26: Tracy Suspects Luke’s Identity – Julian’s Secret – Sonny Murders Ava?

General Hospital Spoilers Week of May 26: Tracy Suspects Luke's Identity - Julian's Secret - Sonny Murders Ava?

General Hospital fans are still trying to wrap their minds around all of the crazy things that have been going down in Port Charles, and according to GH spoilers the week of May 26th will be packed with even more jaw-dropping revelations.

We were all growing concerned about how delusional and bling Tracy Quartermaine is these days. How does that woman not realize that there is something seriously off with her new hubby Luke? All the GH fans at home figured it out months ago!

According to General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 26-30, Tracy finally has a moment of clarity and realizes that Luke is up to no good. (Personally- we thought she should have figured that out when he was holding her son at gun point, but to each their own.) But, what can she really do? She and Luke have already said their “I Do’s.”

GH spoilers tease that on Thursday May 29 Luke takes a huge meeting with one of his associates, and rumor has it that meeting will shed some instant clarity on Fake Luke’s true identity. Also on May 29 Luke’s ex-partner Julian Jerome is supposed to reveal a huge secret.

Also, according to General Hospital spoilers Maxie and Nathan West will begin growing closer during the week of May 26. Their chemistry is undeniable, but the real question at hand is what will come of her Australian hippy boy-toy Levi?

Let’s not forget that Carly and Franco will be returning with the recording off from AJ Quartermaine’s cell phone which implicates Ava in Connie’s murder, all hell will be breaking loose very shortly. When Sonny Corinthos learns that he has been played by Ava and she killed Connie, he is going to be out for blood.

So GH fans, it seems like we are getting closer and closer to the big Luke reveal? Who do you think is running around Port Charles wreaking havoc as a Luke Spencer imposter? And, how do you think Sonny is going to react when he learns the truth about Ava Jerome? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

Comments on the coming week’s spoilers from Soap Opera Spy:

I don’t know who this Luke is don’t like him.

The Luke storyline needs to end. We’ve all loved Luke for years and now the horrible writers are ruining his character. Again, FIRE these writers or this soap will be going south also.

I hope this new Luke is not the beginning of Tony Geary leaving the show because GH wants to cut his salary in 1/2.

I hope not but I am wondering if this Fluke thing has changed people’s opinion of Luke. Cause I know right now I hate seeing him on the screen

Just saw Jackie Z. On GH. She needs to dial back on the Botox. Her face is so tight she can’t close her lips. It looks painful.

definitely can’t wait to see this fluke story line finally unfold….as far as sonny is concerned i want michael to find out he killed aj & i want him to find out that his mother knew all about it – then michael needs it stay with elq & leave those mobsters in the dust…

Well as we mention in this week’s (May 26) spoiler there is an excellent chance that Fluke will be unmasked on Thursday May 29 – or at least some major clues as to his true identity will be shed.

Ava and Sonny are heading for a serious run-in – or worse – and the fans have a voice:

How is Ava going to wiggle out of this mess?… Sonny now knows she shot Olivia and Carly knows Ava killed Connie and wants to tell Sonny

If she does Ava is dead, is she going off the show????

Carley should tell him.

I think she does I saw a preview for next week and Carly tells him something and he replies, “I’m going to kill her.

And in comes Carly with more Ava news, she is a dead woman or on the run for her life

Bring it on Sonny. Let’s see more of the old Sonny.

How will Ava ever escape Sonny’s wrath… well we have a big spoiler for you all coming on Sunday, May 25, that will provide Ava a way to escape the consequences for her murderous actions.

10 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers Week of May 26: Tracy Suspects Luke’s Identity – Julian’s Secret – Sonny Murders Ava?”

  1. Tracy says:

    Please and thank you! It cannot come soon enough. Tracy didn’t believe half of what came out of Luke’s mouth when he was really Luke, but now that everyone in town has a skeevy Luke story, and she sees him pointing a gun at her son with her own eyes, suddenly she believes everything he says? Puhlease. Enough already! I’m beginning to think she’s an imposter too! (Not really, but if they have to make Tracy stupid to maintain the story line, it’s time to end the story line)

  2. Julie Merritt says:

    I thank it is either one of the Cassadines, Anthony Zacchara, or Victor Jerome.

  3. Julie Merritt says:

    Since that isn’t the real Luke, Tracy isn’t legally married to him. Hope they bring the real Luke back.

  4. Brittany Sherman says:

    It is about time the truth comes out!!! That old Ava is no good. Sonny needs to give her the boot. Off the show she needs to go!!!! Also, I’m waiting on the fun, beautiful relationship that will happen between Maxie and Nathan!!!! Looking forward to seeing that!!! Oh and I truly believe Elizabeth and Nicholas belong together…. What are we waiting on?! Let’s get those two together and soon, please!

  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    The fake Luke is Bill Eckert Luke cousin. I am glad the truth is going to come out. The fake Luke is dangerous and his identity needs to be revealed. Tracey should of listen to Ned of when he told her of what happened. Tracey is blindsided by the imposter Luke. Ava is so bad. I don’t know what Sonny would do when he learns the truth about what Ava has done to his sister. The guy who is playing Morgan cannot act very good. For Elizabeth to get back with Ric is not a good move. Ric is dangerous and cannot be trusted. Julian Jerome has a secret i wonder what it is.

  6. Sally Patterson says:

    How about Fluke is the real Luke but they gave him some medicine to change his personality? Or maybe it is Faison.

  7. Andrew Hass says:

    Since Julian helped Jerry escape there is some kind of connection there.Plus Jerry does have a connection to Barrett Industries because he knew Brenda.So it could be Jerry pretending to be Luke because he may know if shows up in Port Charles as himself he’ll be arrested on the spot.Plus things go wrong Luke gets the blame.As for Ava she’ll probably say she’s pregnant but not know who the father is.Now she could be lying about been pregnant but it buys her time with Sonny because he won’t kill her until he knows for sure she isn’t pregnant

  8. Rich says:

    I laugh at everyone saying that hate this storyline and that storyline but what are the writers to do. They need to cone up with a storyline whether it us good or bad. I think they need to milk the Luke storyline longer because I think he is playing a great part. Whether you like it or don’t, everyone is talking about it and I think TG has done a great job with it.

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