General Hospital Spoilers: Will Billy Miller as Jason Morgan Join Victor Cassadine’s May Return – Will Robin?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Billy Miller as Jason Morgan Join Victor Cassadine's May Return - Will Robin?

Robin Scorpio has spent the last 25 years breezing in and out of General Hospital’s Port Charles and her fans are always anxiously awaiting her next appearance. Robin Scorpio-Drake recently left town with Victor Cassadine to try and rescue the presumed frozen Jason Morgan and it seems that Victor is headed home, at least for a brief stop. According to the April 28th print edition of ABC Soaps In Depth Thaao Penghlis who portrays Victor has confirmed that he will indeed appear on the May 1st episode of GH.

Of course that nugget of information lead to immediate speculation that since Robin left with him then perhaps she will return as well. Sources close to Kimberly McCullough say that it’s very unlikely as she has made it very clear that sitting in a director’s chair is really where she currently wants to be. Add to that the fact that she currently is enjoying working on Grey’s Anatomy and it sounds like Robin is certainly not going to be returning right now.

However a return of Victor augurs well for a return of Jason! Could Billy Miller get the nod for the role? We know that Steve Burton gave his blessing for Billy to play Jason….

So what does GH have planned for Victor? Sources say that he has returned to make another move towards Liesl. Thaao also tweeted about how much he enjoyed working with Obrecht and Spencer on set so that gives at least some indication of what direction Victor is headed in right now. Do you think that Kimberly will be back again as Robin or will GH ultimately have to recast the character if they want her to stick her around for the long haul? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Already fans are voicing their opinions on the prospective returns and recasting:

I guess we’re getting Billy Miller as Jason…yuck! I guess it will be time to say good bye to GH. They think it will bring in a lot of new viewers, but for me. No. Why didn’t they get someone great like Michael M. Horribly disappointed!

And… I truly hope that Robin stays away! It is not fair to Patrick or Emma

Billy Miller is a great actor. However, I agree that Michael Muhney would have been a better choice.

It’s only a matter of time before the new Jason Morgan is back in Port Charles – I think that hiring Michael Muhney to play that role would be a stroke of genius on the part of the PTB at GH!

Here is what others have to say on the issue:

In this case I have to say that GH had to replace Jason they don’t have a choice he has made it clear he is not coming back  sadly. I would have liked MM in the role but I am willing to see how Billy Miller does if they choose him.. (of course I would prefer Steve Burton come back)

I love Billy Miller but I understand how you feel. I may have to stop watching Y/R because of MM’s replacement. I guess we like who we like!

The worst part is that Steve Burton is so underutilized on Y&R. His schedule keeps him off screen too much. His chemistry with Avery is nah-dah. He sizzled on General Hospital. What a waste.

Clearly the fans should be running these soaps! The fact of the matter is that Billy Miller left Y&R under strained circumstances and since Steve is promoting him as his replacement for the Jason role we can assume there is more to this. Jill Farren Phelps and Steve are super close which means that he gets the inside info from all-powerful Jill, right? So I see his ‘approval’ of Billy as also possibly indicating that a casting decision has been made at GH. My guess is we’ll Jason back – or at least get more big hints during the May sweeps.