General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Plotting With Fake Luke To Steal ELQ and Destroy Michael

General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Plotting With Fake Luke To Steal ELQ and Destroy Michael

General Hospital spoilers tease another huge betrayal is unraveling on the ABC soap opera. The number one rule in General Hospital’s less than sleepy town of Port Charles is by far…don’t trust anyone. Don’t trust your friends, your brothers, your parents, your neighbors, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, just don’t trust anyone. And if you’re Michael Corinthos, you apparently should trust your old Aunt Tracy either.

Michael and Tracy’s son Ed seen Fake Luke for what he really was, and knew he was only marrying Tracy to gain control of ELQ. So, behind Tracy’s back they voted her out of the country, and being the next Quartermaine in line, Michael took control. Tracy and Fake Luke spontaneously said their “I Do’s” at the Nurses Ball, and after the fact they learned that Tracy had been ousted from ELQ, and Fake Luke had no access to the company’s bank accounts. After the Nurses’ Ball, the less than happy newlyweds jetted off on their honeymoon.

A few weeks later Tracy returned to Port Charles, sans Fake Luke. She cried to Michael and Kiki that they were right all along and Luke had cheated on her with a masseuse on their honeymoon. She cried and begged Michael to let her back in the company, she would do anything to be a part of ELQ again, regardless of what the job was.

A General Hospital spoiler video for the June 27 episode of GH shows Tracy in her office on the phone, Michael overhears her telling the person on the other line, “I’m going to take Michael down from the inside.” So, it turns out Tracy had a hidden agenda when she returned to Port Charles, and she is still very bitter about being ousted form ELQ. The real question is, who is she on the phone with? Did she make up the entire story about Luke cheating on her to win over Michael and Kiki, could it be possible that she is actually working with Fluke to take down her nephew and her own company?

What do you think General Hospital fans? Did Tracy have you fooled as well? And, who do you think her partner is? How insane would it be that she knows Luke is Fake Luke, and she is actually working with the imposter? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your General Hospital spoilers.