General Hospital Spoilers: Robin Mattson Returns As Heather Webber – Does She Know Who Fluke Is?

General Hospital Spoilers: Robin Mattson Returns As Heather Webber - Does She Know Who Fluke Is?

According to General Hospital spoilers, Franco’s crazy mother Heather Webber will be returning to the ABC soap opera. Robin Mattson took to Facebook and announced to her followers that her devilish character is making a comeback. Mattson wrote, “Heather is returning to GH soon!” The character of Heather Webber has been in a straightjacket in Miscavige since she unsuccessfully attempted to kill Carly and frame Franco for the murder.

Although there is no news yet on when Heather’s return to Port Charles will air on the daytime drama, there is a good chance that it will coincide with Luke Spencer’s return. Undercover agent Jordan Ashbury is ridiculously close to discovering that Luke Spencer is Julian Jerome’s boss, and Ava and Julian are also aware that their boss is an imposter. It is only a matter of time until one of those parties put two and two together and realize that Luke Spencer’s reign of terror began after he was rescued from Miscavige. Perhaps when Jordan heads to Miscavige to investigate the kidnapping, she runs in to Heather Webber.

The real Luke Spencer is still drugged up and stowed away at Miscavige, so there is a chance that the scenes Heather Webber is filming are with the real Luke Spencer. Heather could find him at Miscavige, she is a pro at escaping from the mental hospital, maybe she will help real Luke break out. How fun would it be to have the real Luke Spencer and Fake Luke running around Port Charles at the same time?

If Mattson’s character Heather does manage to escape from Miscavige…again, then Carly should sleep with one eye open. Heather tried to kill Carly when Franco was in love with her, one can only imagine the damage she will do if she learns that Carly cheated on Franco. Then again, Heather is a sociopath, she may like Carly once she finds out she cheated on her son. Regardless, Heather has a way of bringing out the crazy in Franco, it will be interesting to see how he reacts.

What do you think General Hospital fans? Is Heather Webber helping Fake Luke, or does she know that there is a Luke Spencer imposter? How do you think Franco will react if his murderous mother is roaming the streets of Port Charles again? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

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