General Hospital Spoilers Weekly: Sabrina Doubts Ava’s Guilty – Silas Knows Nina’s Keeping a Secret – Nathan, Maxie Date

General Hospital Spoilers Weekly: Sabrina Doubts Ava's Guilty - Silas Knows Nina's Keeping a Secret - Nathan, Maxie Date

General Hospital spoilers tease another week of explosive drama during October 6 – 10. Sabrina Santiago has been on a mission to bring down Ava Jerome ever since Carlos revealed to her that he thinks Ava was behind her and Patrick’s car accident.  During the week of October 6 Sabrina pays Carlos another visit in the Port Charles jail and she begins to question whether Ava is truly the perpetrator, a little too late though, because she has already given Ava a deadly prescription.

According to General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 6-10, Fake Luke is a tricky man to track down.  Sam and Patrick quickly learn that finding one man in Europe is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so they enroll the assistance of Tracy once again and she is forced to try to set up another meeting with her estranged husband. Back in Port Charles Elizabeth continues to hold vigil at her mystery patient’s bed, who unbeknownst to her is actually Sam’s husband Jason Morgan. GH spoilers reveal that on Monday October 6 she receives good news about Morgan’s prognosis and is hopeful that he will pull through.

Nina Clay has been deceiving everyone in Port Charles, with the exception of her BFF Franco. But, GH spoilers reveal that during the week of October 6 Silas begins to question Nina’s lies and he just might be on to her. General Hospital fans can also expect to see some budding romances pop up during the week as Nathan and Maxie head out on an official date, Duke and Lucy get closer (Anna is not happy about it), and Milo and Epiphany flaunt their new romance.

So GH fans, do you think that Sam and Patrick will be able to get to the bottom of the Fake Luke mystery or will they return to Port Charles empty-handed? Will Elizabeth realize that her patient is Jason Morgan this week?  And, what do you think Silas discovers Nina is hiding? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

Fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook page are rooting for the ‘real’ Phyllis to let Sharon have it on Y&R before she marries Nick! Seems like GH’s Nina still has plenty of fans who prefer her as Y&R Phyllis to Gina Tognoni the newcomer who now plays the part. Soap fans tend to be loyal and Michelle Stafford is a great actress, so no surprise.

That’s Phyllis!!

You can have her back. Don’t like Nina.

Gee Nina is awesome! So is gh!!! Thats why they have ms and bm- ynrs loss is gh gain!!’

thats what id like to know Kim

I dont like Nina either

The new Phyllis sucks! Why are they swapping all the Y&R actors to GH? So dumb.

I miss Phyllis!!!! The REAL PHYLLIS, the new one is just not her!

Phyllis please come back to the Y&R and give Sharon what she deserves

What do you all think?