George Clooney Already Regrets Proposing To Amal Alamuddin: The Womanizer Won’t Marry!

George Clooney Already Regrets Proposing To Amal Alamuddin: The Womanizer Won’t Marry - Report

It’s been less than two months since George Clooney‘s engagement to Amal Alamuddin was announced, but there are already breakup rumors circling the couple. Apparently, George and Amal are both getting cold feet about the marriage, despite diving headfirst into their engagement.

Several reports have alleged that Amal is worried about George’s drinking and womanizing past, and she doesn’t know if he will gel with her culture and family. George has already met her parents and immediate family, but how will her extended family — for all intents and purposes, strictly religious and conservative people — deal with George’s movie star status and partying ways?

The couple is already facing issues with the marriage, considering that since Amal is from the Druze family of sheikhs, alcohol use is strictly frowned upon. Amal, being cosmopolitan and a world-famous barrister, obviously doesn’t have the same issues with George, but will she convince her family that she’s making the right choice? Plus, George cannot convert to Druze, which means that if they were to have children, the child would not be born a Druze – something which Amal’s family is reportedly not happy about.

Then again, these types of issues are common when two people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds marry. George would never have proposed to Amal if he wasn’t serious about marrying her, and I don’t think he’d let a little thing like his drinking get in the way of that. He may be nervous about her family’s acceptance, but it’s George freaking Clooney. What are they going to say, no? Puh-lease. It’s much more probable that they’re jumping up and down at their good fortune.

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  • PartyBoy

    Alamuddin and Clooney don’t have the same educational background and Alamuddin is intellectually, morally and maturely grounded regarding to relating to people whereas Clooney once made a comment about how many women he had had sex with. Eeuch! Since George is so keen on politics, it seems he is just using her to get into politics. He may have lots of money, but that is all he can offer the relationship- and not that she doesn’t have any of her own. If he counts Obama ‘I have a drone’ as a friend, what on earth is a human rights lawyer doing with a man like George Clooney and his circle of friends? This isn’t the best choice of husband for her. He’s already convinced her to leave Twitter despite the fact that people loved her on Twitter and valued her contributions. Why did he influence her to leave Twitter? What has that got to do with him? I also think his over-the-top wedding ring is tacky given how many people could have been fed with that money, Mr ‘humanitarian’. Run, Amal, run a mile from this celebrity!