Halle Berry Sued By Ex Gabriel Aubry For A Boatload Of Child Support – The Vengeance And Violence Continues!

Halle Berry Sued By Ex Gabriel Aubry For A Boatload Of Child Support - The Vengeance And Violence Continues!

Halle Berry. The name sends shivers down film critics’ spines. Our favorite failed actress is once again in the Gabriel Aubry spotlight. The soon-to-be TV astronaut – no, she’s not joining NASA! – has been ordered by a Los Angeles court to pay an astronomical (see what we did there?) amount of money towards child support.

Berry will pay ex-boyfriend Aubry $16,000 per month ($200,000 per year) to support their six-year-old daughter Nahla, but don’t get your Berry knickers in a twist just yet! The actress has enough money to buy Bruce Jenner.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, “Halle Berry, an immensely successful American actress, former fashion model and beauty queen with a net worth of $70 million. Halle earns approximately $16 million per year as an actress.” Aubry on the other hand is a poor supermodel pauper with a net worth of only $4.5million.

This monthly “fee” will be paid until Nahla turns 19, or graduates high school. Berry also has to pay Aubry $115,000 in “retroactive child support” and $300,000 in attorney fees.

Retroactive child support definition: When the non-custodial parent has not made his or her payments as ordered, they are considered to be in arrears on their child support payments. When lawyers and judges talk about retroactive child support payments, they are referring to payments that the non-custodial parent may be obligated to make, but has not been ordered to yet.

The two ex-lovers have a history of vengeance and violence since their split in 2011. Aubry and Olivier Martinez, Berry’s current husband, fought their faces off in 2012. The scandal rocked the entertainment world and caused irreparable damage to Berry, Martinez and Aubry.

One can only speculate how this epic tale of vengeance will affect little Nahla in the future. What do you think? Is this a fair fight between Berry and Aubry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 responses to “Halle Berry Sued By Ex Gabriel Aubry For A Boatload Of Child Support – The Vengeance And Violence Continues!”

  1. JoJo says:

    I think Halle Berry is a lunatic. You don’t just dismiss the father of your children when you decide to move onto a new man. Halle has shown her ugly and true colors. I’m glad she has to pay Gabriel some support. That’s the least she should do for all of the abuse he has had to endure by taking up with that HAG.

  2. guest says:

    HAG is the perfect word , hale berry cannot act at all boring story lines; halle could never do anything films like scarlett johannson did in the film “Lucy” zoe salando, jada pinkade smith, tandy newton or angela davis, or paula patton , kelly washington allf such awesome actors, evenkoera knightly etc etc but halle never,, halle needs to just feed her kids because halle does not know how to raise them halle is proving that keeping her destructive atttitude with gabriel, halle is not happy if she were she would pay gabriel the child support and leave him alone and when his birthday come up she would take nahla shopping for him an appropriategify, gariell no matter if he is dead or alive will always be in halles and Nahlas life because of the fact nahla i is gabriels daughter, Nahla looks just like a black Gbriel, poor maceo JUST LOOKS LIKE A BIG FORHEADED black boy he must looke like halles dad because he sure does not look like olivier