Hannibal RECAP: Season 2 Episode 12 “Tome-Wan”

Hannibal RECAP: Season 2 Episode 12 “Tome-Wan”

NBC’s hit show HANNIBAL returns tonight with a new episode. In “Tome-Wan,” Will shares his visions with Hannibal in a therapy session. Meanwhile, veiled threats come into play in Mason’s session with Hannibal; Jack produces an unexpected witness from the past to help in the Hannibal case; and Hannibal’s life is threatened, which forces Will to make a decision.

On last week’s episode Jack and the team learned the truth about Freddie Lounds’ disappearance, while the lives of Will (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) got further entangled with Mason (Michael Pitt) and Margot (Katherine Isabelle) The truth of Freddie Lounds’ disappearance was discovered by Jack and his team. Alana expressed her concern over Will’s mental state, but he confused her fears by encouraging her to arm and protected herself. Mason Verger suspected that his sister, Margot, was plotting to usurp him by getting pregnant with an heir. Hannibal revealed to Will how much Abigail reminded him of his sister, making it even harder for Will to understand why she had to die. Also starred Caroline Dhavernas, Aaron Abrams and Scott Thompson.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode In a therapy session, Will imagines how he would kill Hannibal, honestly sharing his visions, and oddly bolstering their co-dependency. Later, in a session with Mason Verger (Michael Pitt), Hannibal discusses Margot’s (Katherine Isabelle) unfortunate “accident” and other veiled threats. Jack (Laurence Fishburne) grows impatient with Will’s progress on catching Hannibal, and brings in a surprise witness from the past to help. And when Hannibal’s life is threatened, Will must decide whether to come to his aid, and give Hannibal the opportunity for revenge. Also starring Kalen Davidson as the Wendigo, Daniel Kash as Carlo Deogracias, Bas Reitman as Tommaso, and Wayne Wells as Matteo.

Tonight’s season 2 episode 12 looks like it is going to be amazing, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s new series at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series so far.

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Will asks Hannibal if he can explain his actions and asks what his theory of his mind is. Hannibal says they each understand each others’ state of mind since they are just alike and says they are both equally able to deceive each other. Will tells Hannibal he has a snare around his neck and Hannibal asks why he told Mason that Hannibal wants to kill him. Will says he was curious what would happen and says either way Hannibal would like him dead no matter which of the two of them kills Mason.

Hannibal says that Mason is discourteous and he hates that. Will asks if he wants to eat him. Hannibal says you should always try to eat the rude and asks if Will would join him at the table. Will say Mason is a pig and deserves to be someone’s bacon. Will says he should kill him in his next session and Hannibal says Mason may try to kill him in the next session.

Hannibal tells Will to close his eyes and imagine what he would like to happen. He does. Hannibal is trussed up over the killer pigs. Will slashes his throat and slides him out over the enclosure of the man eating pigs. Blood pours all over him and down. When he’s over the opening to the pen, he’s lowered slowly down, blooding dripping off of him in droves. He disappears slowly from Will’s view staring him in the eyes. The pigs scream in blood lust as they devour Hannibal. Hannibal asks Will what he saw. Will smiles at him distrubingly.

Hannibal pulls out a scalpel and puts it up his sleeve while Mason leafs through his sketches calling some good and some garbage. Mason asks if he wants to talk about Margot and says he subverted him with his sister. Hannibal asks him when he was subverting kids at his orphan camp, what did he learn. Mason says he learned about biblical suffering – not his but the general conceit. Hannibal says God’s choices when inflicting suffering are not satisfactory to us unless innocence offends him.

Mason says God needs guidance on inflicting his blind fury. Hannibal says Margot’s happiness is more important than her suffering. Mason says those aren’t mutually exclusive but Hannibal says they are. Mason walks around behind him and says his dad taught him how to hide all sorts of things. He pulls out his dad’s pig sticking knife and Hannibal asks if he’s planning on measuring his fat and Mason says he has none and it would take more than a flesh wound to make him squeal.

He sits across from Hannibal, stabs his knife into the rich leather of the chair and asks Hannibal what game of chicken he and the sperm donor Will are playing. He says he plays chicken with Margot all the time but doesn’t tell her he’s playing. He says he’s good at and never blinks. He stabs the chair again and tells Hannibal to send him the bill. He laughs maniacally.

Margot gets dressed and we see all the old scars on her back and shoulders and then a new scar across her belly. She tells Will and Hannibal that her brother could have done what he had done laproscopically but told the doctors to leave a scar. Will says he branded her and Hannibal says Mason wants her to know this can never be undone.

Will says Mason can be undone and she says not without taking everything from herself. She says now Mason is all she has and he wanted it that way and says he won. Hannibal tells her she needs to move on. Margot says there is no resolution. Will says moving on is a rebuke to him. He tells her to show Mason how strong she is and tells her to survive him.

With Jack, Will says Hannibal has a personality style we can all learn from in moderation of course. Jack says he just wants to catch him but Will says he has given him nothing actionable. Jack reminds Will that he killed someone and he says it was in self-defense and Jack says he multilated the body and that causes problems. Jack asks what he hasn’t told him.

Will says that Hannibal is trying to manipulate him into killing another patient of his – Mason Verger. Will says that he’s trying to convince Hannibal to do it. Jack asks about Mason and what he’s done. Will says he’s rude but doesn’t tell him the rest. Will says he’s a good fisherman and needs the right bait. He says when Hannibal goes to kill Mason, he can arrest him then and there will be two witnesses.

Jack says there may be three witnesses and reminds Will that he’s also good at fishing. He takes him into another room where there is two way glass. Will looks and sees that there is a woman there – she turns – it’s Bedelia, Hannibal’s shrink!

him she was hard to find and she says that was the idea. He thanks her for visiting him in the hospital and for what she said. Bedelia says she didn’t say enough. Will sits and says now it’s her chance to say it all since she’s been granted full immunity. He shows her the papers attesting to this. She glances through them.

Will says – let’s talk about Hannibal Lecter. Bedelia says some psychiatrists are so hungry for insight that they create it. She says that can be deadly for the patient that believes them. Will says she was Hannibal’s shrink not the other way around and she says she was under his influence. She says what he did to Will made that abundantly clear.

Will asks about the patient that attacked her that had been a patient of Hannibal’s. She tells him the tongue of his he swallowed wasn’t attached at the time. He asks how the guy died and Bedelia admits that she killed him. She says she believed it was self defense and says to a point it was, but beyond that point, it was murder. She says Hannibal influenced her to murder that patient.

Will asks if she was coerced and she says what Hannibal does is persuasion, not coercion. She asks if he’s ever tried to persuade Will to kill someone and says he will and it will be someone he loves and he will think it’s the only choice he has. Will asks how to catch Hannibal. She says he can be caught in self-congratulations and his own cunning. She says whimsy will be how he gets caught.

Hannibal pours red wine into two glasses. Will is there with him and says so much about this feels like a dream. Hannibal says dreams prepare us for waking life and says he’s waking up to who he is and that’s all he needs to understand. He tells Will there are unusual opportunities for both of them and Will asks if Mason is an opportunity. Hannibal says he is a problem and problem solving is hunting – a pleasure they are born to and that they can share

Will tells him he’s fostering co-dependency and Hannibal asks if that’s what he’s doing. Will smiles and asks if that’s what he did to Abigail – got her to take a life so she would owe Hannibal her’s. Will leans forward and says he bonded with Abigail and Hannibal took her from him then did the same with the idea of a child and he took it away.

He says Hannibal saw to it that Will alienated Alana and Jack. He says Hannibal doesn’t want anyone in his life that’s not him but Hannibal says he only wants what’s best for him. Will says that every moment under Hannibal’s care is a personal victory. Hannibal says they have each been applying themselves to each other’s thoughts. Will says they are just alike and that Hannibal is as alone as he is and they are both alone without each other.

Jack tells Bedelia she managed to avoid prosecution. He sits and says he gave her opportunities to tell the truth but she ran. Bedelia says the FBI could not have protected him. She says he’s not protecting Will and has left him alone. She says he’s not and that Hannibal thinks Will is a killer. She asks if he thinks Hannibal is a killer. She says she never saw any evidence of anything that Hannibal did except influence. She still thinks that Will may kill because of Hannibal’s influence and says if he thinks he’s about to catch Hannibal it’s because Hannibal wants him to think that. She says it’s Hannibal that’s in control here.

Hannibal cooks. Something unidentifiable, then pasta then little fishies eyes and all. He checks the temperature of a dish and then decides it’s ready to serve. He turns over the mold and puts it on a platter. He brings it to Jack and says he’s made a Ukrainian dish whose outcome can never be predicted. It’s gelatinous – with fish sort of swomming in it. Hannibal says looking at it, you can’t tell whose pursuing who.

Jack asks what moment are they in – them and Will. Hannibal asks if he still has doubts about Will. Jack says that Alana is convinced that Will killed Freddie. Jack says he doesn’t trust anyone. Hannibal says if you can’t rely on others, you have to rely on God. Jack says he doesn’t know who’s pursuing who anymore than those fish. Hannibal says no matter who’s pursuing who, he intends to eat them. Jack laughs.

Will prepares food for his dogs and serves them on the porch. A chauffered car pulls up and Mason gets out. The bodyguard searches Will before he lets him approach him. Mason gestures and Will gets into the car. Hannibal sits sketching when two men come in. Hannibal has a scalpel. Another comes up behind him quietly.

The men speak in Italian but tell him in English that Mason wants the pleasure of his company. Hannibal responds in perfect Italian – I’d prefer not to. The one behind him attacks. He ducks the blow and then himself attacks. Hannibal takes out two and almost has a third when he tases him. Hannibal says he shouldn’t have done that. When the guy sees the blood gushing out the torn femoral artery of his sidekick, he tases him again.

henchman pulls off Hannibal’s shows and socks. He speaks to him and Hannibal says he can tell he’s Sardinian and says he’s heard it’s best to be kidnapped for money by a Sard. Hannibal asks if Mateo soiled himself when he died. Carlo comes at him with a knife but Mason stops him and says if he kills him, he’ll get no money.

Will comes in and Mason looks down at Hannibal’s feet and says those piggies will go wee wee wee all the way home. He says that the pills will start at the feet but need something to get them started. He says they are going to cut Hannibal’s throat. Carlo wants justice for Matteo and Mason says they can send his family the doctor’s cajones.

Mason gives Will the knife and says he’s muzzled the dog and now it’s time for him to put him down. Will goes for his neck but Mason stops him and says not to bleed him out – he says just enough to give them a little taste. Will slashes Hannibal’s bindings and Mason calls for Carlo. Will is knocked out.

He comes to later and sees a smear of blood beside him then more and more smears, but not people. He triggers the button on the winch and it rises up. He waits. The pigs scream. Carlo is at the end of the tether – well half of Carlo anway. Mason is not there. Mason wakes on Hannibal’s table. Hannibal has some yellow powder and puts a mask over Mason’s face. He breathes it in and Mason giggles high and insane.

Hannibal tells him to be quiet so he doesn’t frighten the animals. Mason asks what he gave him and Hannibal says a variety of psychedelic compounds that’s mind revealing. Mason says he needs to write him a prescription for this. Mason says he’s enchanted and terrified. Mason sees Hannibal blurry, then moving and then as a boar’s head.

Hannibal tells him to show him how his dad checked the depth of a pig’s fat. He tells him to show him on him. Mason takes the knife giggling insanely.

Will walks up to his house and sees one of his dogs – Winston – outside. He asks where everyone else is and the dog whines. Will goes into his house and finds Mason feeding his dogs. He tells Will that he loves his dogs. He’s all bloody and is feeding them meat. He tells Will about how he adopted two shelter dogs and says he kept them hungry until one ate the other.

Mason says he should have put him and Hannibal in a cage until one ate the other. Will asks what he’s feeding his dogs and Mason giggles and says – just me, just me. He looks up at Will and we sees that he’s carved up most of his face. From the eyes down, he’s a pile of ragged disgusting meat. Ick. He giggles and tells Will to sit. Hannibal is there beside Will looking at the scene.

Hannibal walks around and Mason sees him as a man with a tusked boar’s head. Will says Hannibal has Mason feed his face to his dogs. Hannibal says he broadened their palettes as he did to Will’s. Hannibal asks murder or mercy? Will says there is no mercy. He says we manufacture it in our hearts not our reptile brains.

Hannibal tells him he knows he possesses all the elements to create murder. Mason says that he’s hungry and Hannibal tells him to eat his nose. Mason pokes it then slices it off and pops it into his mouth and chews. He says he tastes and texture like chicken gizzard. Mason burps and says he’s full of himself and giggles some more. Will say he’s not going to kill him.

Hannibal says he was going to feed Will to his pigs after he fed Hannibal to them. Mason says he was. Will tells Hannibal that Mason is his patient and he should do what he thinks is best for him. Hannibal walks over calmly and snaps Mason’s neck. He wipes the blood off his hands onto Mason’s shirt.

Jack comes to Mason’s home. He’s near the little indoor glass bowl where Mason’s eel slides around. Mason greets Jack. We hear odd breathing and beeping. Jack compliments the eel and Mason says it’s a brutal moray and asks if he would like to see why. Jack says no thank you. He says he knows Mason needs rest. Mason sits up in his bed. He’s paralyzed and sits up in bed. Jack asks what happened to him and he says he took a tumble into his pig pen and broke his neck. He calls himself clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.

Mason says if his sister hadn’t found him, the pigs would have eaten more than just his face. He’s got this weird Ken doll type mask obscuring his injuries and a huge brace with screws on it entrapping his face and neck. Jack asks if pigs did this and Mason says they certainly did. Jack asks about him being Hannibal’s patient. He asks if he has ever seen or met Will Graham. He asks if that’s the Will that may or may not have killed all those people.

Jack says yes and Mason says he hasn’t had the pleasure. Jack asks if Hannibal’s therapy has been helpful and Mason says he did and that he’s still benefiting from it. Mason says he will always be grateful for how he helped him and only hopes he’ll be able to repay Hannibal some day. He tells Jack that he’s out of time and Jack thanks him and leaves.

Margot comes into the room and Mason asks if it’s time to talk about what she wants. Margot says she wants to take care of him just as he took care of her. Uh-oh.

Hannibal sketches by the fire. Will comes over to look. It’s Achilles mourning Patrocolus. Hannibal says hiding and revealing identities is a constant theme in classic Greek literature and Will says and also in battled tested friendships. Hannibal says that Achilles wanted all the other Greeks to die so he and Patrocolus could conquer Troy alone. Hannibal says it took divine intervention to bring them down.

Will says this is not sustainable and says they will get caught. Hannibal says Jack suspects Will of killing Freddie and Will says that means he suspects him too. Will says they need to give Jack what he wants – Hannibal says the Chesapeake Ripper. Will tells him to reveal himself to Jack so he can see him with clear eyes. Hannibal says Jack has become his friend so he supposes he owes him the truth.