Harry Styles Dating Erin Foster: Deflects Attention From Taylor Swift 32-Year-Old

Harry Styles Dating Erin Foster: Deflects Attention From Taylor Swift 32-Year-Old

Harry Styles is dating a 32-year-old woman named Erin Foster, which is still significantly younger than most of his conquests. The rumors first started after Harry was spotted on a date with Erin at a pumpkin patch recently, and sources tell Grazia, “After visiting the pumpkin patch, they went for dinner. It’s nothing serious, but they’re both having fun.”

So basically, it’s like every single one of Harry Styles’ relationships? That boy is allergic to commitment the same way that his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, is allergic to celibacy. However, Harry has always tended to date older, and there have been many a joke made about him and his cougar hunting ways. It’s all based on anecdotal evidence, of course. Harry’s ex-girlfriends have largely been above 30 years of age, with the rare exception of people like Taylor Swift. However, because of the way his relationship with Taylor ended, I have a feeling Harry got turned off from dating girls around his age. With older women, he’s much less likely to deal with temper tantrums, excessive fame-whoring, and jealousy, all of which have been a problem when he’s dated around his own age [including a brief stint with Kendall Jenner]. In fact, people still aren’t able to let go of the Harry Styles/Taylor Swift drama, largely due to Taylor’s post-breakup songs about him.

Anyway, sources close to Harry Styles claim that the 20-year-old is still keeping things casual, and he has no interest in diving into any serious relationship right now. His career is his main focus, and he doesn’t want any girl to distract from that.

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7 responses to “Harry Styles Dating Erin Foster: Deflects Attention From Taylor Swift 32-Year-Old”

  1. Stacey says:

    This is ridiculous she is a lesbian she dated DJ Samantha Ronson they are just friends , and he is obviously gay/ bisexual .

  2. R says:

    His forearms are so feminine-looking. I must have forgotten what it’s like to be 12, because I don’t see the appeal whatsoever in him.

  3. -.- says:

    do you have actual mental problems. idiot -.-

  4. LOVE DINE says:

    Wow, what do you have a crush on him or something? why accuse other women of whoring around. And how would you know Taylor’s views on celibacy? You don’t know them or anything that happened in their relationship. You’re just as clueless as anyone else outside of that relationship.

  5. shelby styles says:

    Leave harry alone he can date who ever he wants

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