Henry Cavill And Gina Carano Adopt Puppy Together: Engagement Expected Soon?

Henry Cavill And Gina Carano Adopt Puppy Together: Engagement Expected Soon?

Henry Cavill is back with Gina Carano, and pretending as though the blip with Kaley Cuoco never happened. I think we can definitively say that his famewhoring period over the summer was definitely due to Kaley’s influence, considering how off-the-radar he’s been since their breakup. Then, you look at Kaley, who’s been tweeting and Instagramming every bit of her life for the whole world to see.

Anyway, Henry can’t seem to care less that his ex-girlfriend is married, since he and Gina have now adopted a puppy together. Everybody together now, awwwwwwww. They’ve been back together for some time, probably since Henry wrapped filming of his latest film in Rome. They were spotted having dinner there, and since then, they have reportedly been spending all their time together. They reportedly spent the holidays together, and now they have a puppy together. The breeders of the dog, Big Bear Akita, posted a picture of the happy couple with their new dog on Twitter [via Lainey Gossip].

Let’s hope this means that Henry doesn’t try any other weird publicity shenanigans when Batman vs. Superman comes out, although I’m pretty sure that his numerous co-stars, including Ben Affleck, will take care of that.

Also, it’s now been almost three years, not counting the little blip that was Kaley Cuoco, that Henry and Gina have dated. Is it getting serious? The two are spending practically every waking minute together, and it’s possible that an engagement is in the works. After all, Henry’s admitted that he wants nothing more to get married and become a father, and his relationship with Gina definitely seems serious enough to take to the next level.

What do you guys think? Could you see Henry and Gina getting engaged? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Instagram