Photos of Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco Together Playing House – Shopping and In Love!

Photos of Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco Playing House - Shopping and In Love!

It looks like the romance made in PR heaven is quickly picking up steam! I say quickly because as of May Henry Cavill was still attached to longtime love, Gina Carano. Fast forward a few weeks and he and Kaley Cuoco appear to have been connected at the hip forever. The new couple was spotted out yesterday in Sherman Oaks shopping for a ton of stuff.

It appears from the pile of purchases, that the two are setting up house together or at the very least they are pulling together a main landing pad  to entertain friends and enjoy alone time. According to sources close to Henry he has always been hot for Kaley. She was the chick he has crushed on forever and he is thrilled to finally have her attention.

While Kaley and Henry appear to really like each other and they reportedly are packing a lot of heat when spotted together, this was likely a very arranged meeting. Henry spent major time back in May and June promoting Superman. He didn’t exactly have time to mingle and date. Both actors are handled by the same agency so I’m sure their meeting wasn’t purely by accident.

Rumor has it these photos from yesterday were also orchestrated by their PR. The paps were tipped off in advance about this little shopping excursion in advance! Do you like Henry and Kaley together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments belong!

Kaley Cuoco and ‘Man Of Steel’ actor Henry Cavill are officially dating. The pair was seen holding hands as they stopped by a Gelson’s grocery store in Sherman Oaks, California on July 3, 2013

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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