Henry Cavill and Gina Carano Getting Engaged – Wedding Bells Ringing Shortly?

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano Getting Engaged - Wedding Bells Ringing Shortly?

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano are still going strong, despite the blip in their relationship last year when Henry dated Kaley Cuoco. I’m surprised Gina took him back so quickly after that, which lends further credence to the theory that it was all one gigantic PR set-up to increase Henry’s fame in the US.

Either way, Henry and Gina went from being on again to off again to definitely on again. The couple has been dating for several years now, not counting those few months last year. Do we hear wedding bells in their future?

Henry has been very public about wanting a wife and children as he gets older, and while he certainly doesn’t have the time now – since he’s filming the Batman vs. Superman film pretty soon – he’s certainly been vocal about his desire to have kids soon. Does that mean there’s a ticking clock with his relationship to Gina?

I would say so, especially considering how much time they’re spending together lately. According to Page Six, Gina’s been spotted spending time with Henry while he’s been in Chicago, prepping to shoot the Man of Steel sequel later this year. They were spotted together at the Vertigo Sky Lounge this weekend, as well as the SushiSamba in the city.

According to sources, neither one of them was shy about posing with fans, and they weren’t being overtly secretive or hesitant about being out in public. Obviously, they don’t care if people know they’re dating, even though Henry still refuses to discuss his love life in public. Kind of hypocritical after the whole Kaley Cuoco situation, but I guess he’s holding his cards close to his chest. But if he and Gina were to get engaged, you think we’ll get a nice PR-sponsored outing with Gina flashing her ring? Or will she much more discrete than Kaley was?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

9 responses to “Henry Cavill and Gina Carano Getting Engaged – Wedding Bells Ringing Shortly?”

  1. Filip says:

    He is so lucky, since he has greatest girl with him. She is not only hot and beautifull and sweet, she is more than that, she has something inside her, that gives her her natural beautiful smile…

  2. Prettygirl says:

    As a fan of Henry this news is making me so happy. I’m glad Henry has a good girl on his side. I wish for them to love each other forever!


    This is another complete ruse, a fabrication to sell Cavill as a heterosexual when EVERYONE KNOWS CAVILL IS A HOMOSEXUAL, PERIOD!! Seriously, the extent they go to give Cavill a manly image is absurd when the truth is long, long out!! 8(

  4. Doodoobird says:

    It hasn’t been two year. They were together for almost 10 months the first time and now 4 months…how many months is that?

  5. CT says:

    Love love Henry and Gina. Gina is so grounded and realistic. Beautiful, smart, strong…. What more can Henry ask for?

  6. julia says:

    you are making you own conclusions… bad, too bad

  7. Neil Haran says:

    I think they make a good pairing. She’s a really good person at heart, and extremely athletic as well. He seems like a charismatic person as well. It isn’t always about the looks, even though I think Gina looks beautiful. Good pairing, probably one of the marriages out there I think will last a long time.

  8. wil castro says:

    When theres true love despite difficulties, mistakes and confusion, love can conquer and heal anything. Love is strong and beautiful.it can sustain damage and heal at the same time.but when you know how much that special person you lost is worth to you,you give it all you got to be better and happy. I was in a similar situation as henry cavil and my favorite actress gina carano and i finally follow my heart. I got married and with the one i love and it feels so good.best wishes henry and gina. Dont wait so long. Let time mark your acquaintance of a happy life.

  9. wil castro says:

    Gina all your movies are a piece of collections.god bless youi in your movies and your relationship with henry my second favorite actor. Ginas first.