Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Break Up – PR Contract Expires?

Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Break Up – PR Contract Expires?

The contract’s already up? Wow, that was fast. According to a new reports from E! Online and People, Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill have broken up. Citing sources, the report confirms that Henry and Kaley have split up, just days after they were last spotted together.

So let’s take a look at the new and revised timeline of the Cavill-Cuoco ‘relationship’. They supposedly met sometime in June [which still seems sketchy to me], started dating..immediately? Or soon-ish. Then, they went to being ‘in a relationship’ or ‘being in the beginning of a relationship’ two weeks ago. They had their first People exclusive a day after the confirmation of their relationship came out online, and then images of them holding hands came out a few hours later before the July 4th weekend.

However, Henry left a couple of days ago to Calgary, Canada, where his brother is reportedly getting married [he’s been spotted there over the last few days]. Kaley, on the other hand, has been getting papped every day doing mundane activities like horse-riding, getting coffee, going grocery shopping, etc. etc. I’m sure the paps were hoping to catch Henry with her, but they failed.

So it’s been officially two weeks since they were ‘dating’, and now they’ve broken up. Um… yeah, this was such a PR relationship. I wouldn’t even call it a PR relationship, but more like a PR fling. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was what happened. They met each other, they found each other attractive, and then their PR teams were like OMGAWD DATING, and then Henry and Kaley were like, ‘Ok, calm down, we changed our minds.’

And that’s pretty much what the E! Online report is saying as well. That Henry and Kaley had a few ‘dates’ together [including going grocery shopping?], and that they ‘remain friends’ after their split. Hmmm. An alternative theory is that Henry and Kaley were set up by their publicists, but they underestimated the number of people who would see right through their faux-mance and decided to call it off.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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