Ian Somerhalder Tweets Hint at Dead Damon’s Grave – Quitting Vampire Diaries? (PHOTO)

Ian Somerhalder Tweets Hint at Dead Damon's Grave - Quitting Vampire Diaries? (PHOTO)

Remember when the final scene of this season’s Vampire Diaries played out and the screen went white leaving viewers to contemplate whether or not Damon Salvatore had actually died? Well, Ian Somerhalder decided to tip his hand regarding his beloved characters’ fate posting a photo on Twitter of Damon’s headstone and declaring it “game over.” Diehard fans of the CW’s hit show are collectively already grieving the loss of Damon but his portrayer may actually be kind of happy about it.

We have already told you all that Ian’s romance with costar, Nina Dobrev is most definitely back on again and we’ve heard that they are getting engaged in Europe this summer – so perhaps not working together is actually in their best interest. The two dated exclusively for nearly three years before originally splitting up last spring and having their romance under the microscope of the fans and media was said to have played a huge part in their unraveling. They have since very quietly reconciled and have gone back to what originally worked for them- a private relationship on the DL.

While Ian has been very grateful for his role on Vampire Diaries it’s also pretty obvious that working of different projects will make it easier for Ian and Nina to keep their personal lives under wraps. It had to be hard to work together every day while guarding against having private moments photographed or documented by the press. This frees Ian up to move on to different projects and it probably will take a bit of a weight off of the couple’s romance. Are you sad to learn that Damon is really dead? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

6 responses to “Ian Somerhalder Tweets Hint at Dead Damon’s Grave – Quitting Vampire Diaries? (PHOTO)”

  1. emzygirl says:

    omfg not engaged get over yourselves maybe hes just had enough and hearing or seeing these pathetic nian rumors they havent been around each other its been over 12mths stop putting ians name with ninas

  2. Gina says:

    Stop stirring the rainbow and unicorn brigade. These two haven’t even been in the same room together since the end of filming let alone engaged. Ian’s been more interested in spending time with his blonde ex girlfriends recently than the brunette one. When they say one hundred times that they’re “single” and “my ex”….they mean it. It’s time the media and fans showed them some respect and stop accusing them of being liars. In Ian’s words…stop living in the past.

  3. guest says:

    LOL! Ian is a known Prankster.. He has been having the time of His life’ He is very happy, and I am sure he dosen’t give Nina a second thought. They have remained friends and that is all. He would never quiet TVD for personal reasons, he loves the Show, His Fans and is very loyal to Kevin and Julie. We all know that TV D would be fin shed if he where to quiet the Show.

  4. N says:

    Next season is the last so he might not come back in spite of the fact that he like the show. I have no idea about Nina’s and Damon’s relationship but usually celebrates have a short and difficult relationship so I don’t thing it’s just because of the show they are not together.

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