Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engaged on Vacation in Europe?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engaged on Vacation in Europe?

Remember when Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev first got together? Of course you don’t because it was a well-guarded secret and now we can see that it was probably one of the reasons that it worked for them. Once they confirmed their romance and started giving us an inside view through social media it collapsed pretty quickly. They split up last spring and it took until late summer before the two seemed comfortable even sharing the same space for Vampire Diaries promotional events.

They spent a few months apart but neither has landed in the arms of anyone else for more than a hot minute and our sources tell us that it is one of the things that has ultimately helped to put them back together again. A few random hook ups here and there have lead to Nina and Ian reuniting and this time around they are keeping it as private as possible. They both had to be in Monaco for The World Music Awards this week and used the opportunity to spend quality time together. Of course it was a high profile event but let’s be serious, the paps were most interested in capturing musical acts and A-listers. Ian and Nina were able to fly a bit below the radar and playing in Monte Carlo helped to bond the two who have now been linked for over 4 years.

That’s a long time to devote to another person, even with a break in the middle and from what we are hearing Ian can’t imagine that any other woman is better for him. Sure Nina can get all glamed up but she is a bit of a tomboy at heart and Ian loves that she’s not afraid to get dirty. Sources tell us that a real engagement may be in the works but that if it happens don’t expect either Ian or Nina to confirm it – at least not right away. Their DL approach to their life together is working so no one expects it to change anytime soon. Do you guys think that Ian and Nina are ultimately the real deal? Did time apart make them realize that they belong together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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15 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engaged on Vacation in Europe?”

  1. CC says:

    Ian and Nina were never in Monaco together. They haven’t seen each other since TVD ended filming. You need to catch up. Ian has left Europe and moved to Mexico, then Rio Brazil since your last article.
    On that note, the day your last article was released about Nian back together and hooking up in Monaco, your co worker released another story at the exact same time about Ian leaving TVD as he could no longer work with Nina because of her rejection. Make up your mind. Which way are you travelling for hits CDL?

  2. isha says:

    PUKE on your rubbish..! Ian IS SINGLE!! Nina and Ian BROKE UP OVER ONE YEAR AGO..Nina is moving ahead in her showbiz career..Ian is busy with ISF,and work,he says women don’t love him,his dogs and cats love him more.Nina has moved out of his life at her convenience..So U guys SHUTTHE CRAP UP..This story is STALE!

  3. Fran Lever says:

    Nina is better off without him. Look how much she has grown in the past year. She lost herself with Ian, She has found herself again.

  4. mrssomerhalder says:

    He should marry me

  5. S.J.T says:

    Let Ian Somerhalder know there’s one woman on this planet who loves him unconditional.

  6. Believe says:


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  13. ano says:

    they are good friends

  14. jenna ethan says:

    I think nina and ian would be a great couple.ian and nina are soooooo sweet and dashinggggg personalities…love u both……..

  15. jenna ethan says:

    I think Ian and Nina would be a great couple.Ian and Nina are sooooo sweetttt and dashinggggg personalities.I also think that they would get married they will a great and ultimate couple….love u both….