Ian Somerhalder and Girlfriend Nikki Reed Leave Nina Dobrev Sad and Jealous (NEW PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder and Girlfriend Nikki Reed Leave Nina Dobrev Sad and Jealous (NEW PHOTOS)

Well, whatever that was that Ian Somerhalder had going on with Nina Dobrev, I think we can safely say it really is over. The Vampire Diaries star has spent the last month bopping around LA with Nikki Reed who seems to be solidly cemented as his new girlfriend. If there was any doubt, Ian’s Instagram post aimed at Nikki that referred to a horse as “our baby boy” kind of erased it.

Nikki and Ian were once again spotted out at a Studio City Farmer’s Market this afternoon shopping for fresh veggies. Already these two are developing patterns- like Sunday seems to be the day that they are caught out shopping together and it’s clear that any real free time is now spent with each other. Meanwhile Nina is trying to show how little she cares about her ex moving out with her former bestie by flinging half of young Hollywood- and being photographed with the other half!

This new found romance with Nikki already seems to be registering as more serious as Ian’s relationship with Nina because it’s normal. Ian and Nina keep things hidden for well over a year and then they were always traveling together and criss crossing the world. Instead of all of that Ian seems to be settling into a very real and normal life with Nikki. Nothing is hidden and they aren’t only spotted together for epic trips and red carpets. Instead we are catching glimpses of them having a real life together. It almost makes me have to wonder how much of Ian and Nina’s relationship really was a showmance to appeal to Vampire Diaries fans.

Do you guys think that Ian and Nikki are looking more serious than he and Nina ever did? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • LOL

    Nina doesn’t have the paps in speed dial… Fact!

  • Sher

    Ian and nikki are so cute. I wonder how much of nian was just pr for the show and how much was real. Ian and Nina seem to have very little in common. Nina acts like a teenager and seems way too immature for Ian. Nikki and Ian seem to have a lot in common and nikki seems mature for her age. I really can’t believe Nina and nikki are the same age because Nikki acts so much more mature. Ian and nikki are just hot and adorable at the same time.

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  • CC

    Not everything Ian does is to do with Nina anymore and vice versa. Maybe stop making underhanded digs at both of them and move on.

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  • selina

    Nikki is loving all this attention. I really hope the female fans wake up and realize how sleazy this relationship is on both Ian and Nikki’s ends. Dating your friends ex is horrible. I unfollowed both of these people on all social media, I have higher morals than them.

  • selina

    It is well known that nikki tips off the paps to where she is/going to be. This relationship is just what she wanted. She used her husband to help her start her music career and now she is using Ian to raise her profile. Hopefully he will get kicked off of VD and see as she walks away when he isn’t popular anymore.

  • Emily

    He can’t get married he is just to hot but I think that he oviasly trying to make Nina jealous