Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Relationship Gets Serious: They Move in Together, Nikki Regrets Decision – Ian’s Old And Boring!

Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Relationship Gets Serious: They Move in Together, Nikki Regrets Decision - Ian's Old And Boring!

Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s whirlwind romance has been the talk of the town, and possibly one of the fastest moving relationships in Hollywood. Just last month the couple was spotted hugging and holding hands at a Farmer’s Market, and since then they have been inseparable, despite protests from legions of TVD fans who were hoping Somerhalder would be reuniting with co-star and on-again off-again girlfriend Nina Dobrev.

According to the September 8th edition of OK! Magazine, Ian and Nikki’s relationship is moving ridiculously fast, and Nikki is practically living at his apartment and already moved in some of her things. The magazine goes on to reveal that not only is Nikki taking up residence at Ian’s house, she has changed her work schedule to coincide with his and is even supporting his charities.

Nikki Reed has a history of moving way too fast in her relationships; she married Paul McDonald after dating him for just 11 months, and their marriage crashed and burned. Nikki fell hard and fast for Ian, but sources have revealed there may already be trouble in paradise. A source close to the couple tells us that Nikki is beginning to second-guess her relationship with Ian, and the novelty of playing house with him is wearing off.

The source goes on to explain, “Nikki was obsessed with Ian before they even started dating, but once she finally landed him, she realized he’s not all that he is cracked up to be. All of Nikki’s friends are out partying and going to festivals, and all Ian wants to do is go to the Farmer’s Market. Their age difference is becoming a serious problem.”

Do you think that Nikki and Ian make a cute couple, or do you think the rumors are true and Ian is too boring for Nikki? Or would you rather see Ian dump her and get back together with Nina Dobrev? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • guest

    so IF thats the case she uses ian to get noticed gets bored.and moves on?? hope she isnt using ian for publicity is ur souce accurate?

  • Ashleylynn Beeson

    Dump her and get back with nina dobrev

    • Lea

      Couldn’t of said that better myself haha…I just can’t picture Ian with Nikki…nian forever

  • Lesa

    Seriously. If any if you so called fans gave a crap about Ian, you would be happy he is happy and quit trying to wish Nina on him. Never gonna happen. Be glad he found someone he enjoys and quit believing everything you read.

  • Guest

    If the information in this article were true, why does she go to the TVD set everyday to monitor his actions with Nina? Why accompany him to award shows and the like? Why has she reportedly moved in with him if she were bored? Why did she recently introduce him to her dad? Time will tell if they are meant to be together. I really don’t care who Ian dates, as long as he is happy and whomever he dates supports him in his endeavors.

  • Lynn

    Wow only about 4 weeks into their relationship and they’ve already hit a bump in the road. The universe’s way of saying that Nikki and Ian won’t last much longer. Like the article said, Nikki was obsessed with Ian before they even started dating…so that has a lot to do with why they are moving so fast, she is basically throwing herself at him. Back when he was with Nina, everything was so genuine and they’d travel together and got to know each other. Not move in with each other after 3 weeks. Plus they work together so even better. Nina and Ian looked like they had a deeper connection and they still do…it is just buried in awkwardness. Personally, I think Nina and Ian have a better shot at a sincere and very stable relationship than Nikki and Ian.

    • Mia

      I think Nina deserves better and Nikki does this with everybody she dates, she doesn’t know how to move slowly.

  • marina khan

    Ian Somerhalder should go back to his ex girlfriend, they make a perfect couple

  • Not sorry to say this but she’s following him every where he goes!!! Nikki is clingy.

  • hope Ian opens his eyes and see what she’s doing, she’s following him every where he goes!!

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  • Deb

    Ian and Nikki are blissfully happy together, that’s obvious to anyone who isn’t a stuck back in time Nian stan.

    • Mia

      Of course they’re happy, the PR stunt is working. They’re getting publicity. LOL

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  • Mia

    LOL Nina’s 25, she’s allowed to be 25 instead of being so desperate as to get married after 3 months of dating, divorce 2 1/2 years later, then start dating someone before the ink is even dry on her divorce. LMFAO

  • Mia

    LOL You know nothing about PR if you believe this is legit, so naive.

  • Mia

    LOL Well someone has to call the paps and make sure they show up on time.

  • Mia

    LOL You mean how much did Nikki pay for this article.

  • Mia

    I think Nina deserves better, but Nikki is pretty obsessed with Nina. She keeps dating her leftovers, first Derek (even though Nina and Derek were PR), now Ian. LMFAO This is some Single White Female crap.

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  • shishi

    Totally hate nikki. Ian is not boring shes just too sluttyyy.. so whoever dumps whoever im okay with it as long as they break apart

  • vavaiii

    We are not bitter we are just stating a fact that nikki is a slutty bitch who craves for relationship then gets bored and end it then crave another new then gets bored and end again