Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engagement Plans – What’s Holding Nina Back?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engagement Plans - What's Holding Nina Back?Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are not officially dating, but they’re no longer in their awkward, post-breakup phase either. In fact, if the rumors are true, they’re thinking of getting back together, but there are some things still holding them back. Still, from what we hear they are most certainly friend with benefits but Ian wants much more – in fact our handsome Vampire Diaries star wants an engagement and marriage to lovely Nina. Who can blame him?

Despite the fact that they were in a long-term relationship, both of them are reportedly hesitant to jump back into another serious commitment. Apparently, Ian is more willing than Nina to get back together, but that could also be due to age. Nina’s still really young, especially in Hollywood, and she probably wants to play the field a little before settling down. Ian, on the other hand, is definitely a relationship guy, and all of his previous girlfriends have lasted multiple years. However, he was reportedly on the verge of getting married to his old girlfriend when he started dating Nina – so clearly he was really, really into his co-star.

However, the minute they started getting serious and rumors of an engagement started swirling around, the duo broke up. Maybe it was fear of commitment from Nina’s side, maybe it was something else. But before we knew it, they were both going their separate ways, and while Ian hasn’t publicly been spotted with a new girlfriend, Nina’s already had several rebounds.

Alas, our sources tell us that even though Ian’s trying to show Nina that he’s willing to wait and get back together, Nina is reportedly unsure about what she wants to do. She’s reportedly making Ian wait for an answer, confused about whether to go back to Ian or continue dating around. Again, Nina’s only 25 years old and as soon as the Vampire Diaries ends, her film career will only get started. When will she have time for a serious relationship, especially when she won’t see her boyfriend every day on set?

What do you guys think? Should Nina and Ian get engaged and married – should the get back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


15 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engagement Plans – What’s Holding Nina Back?”

  1. Guest says:

    I cannot deny i like the way this sounds….except for the part where U R making Nina sound like some undeceive girl, sleeping around, because she is not!! But something is missis. Ah, right the hateful comments. So lets start the count down….haha

  2. Bubbly says:

    Oh I don’t know… I watched the vampire series and in it they both have their qualities (bad or good) but as we know it’s all play acting even though there is always a little bit of a real person trying to squeeze through all this pretend stuff.
    Nevertheless, not knowing either of them from freddie, I think that the man, Ian S., should date someone else for a while and give the girl, Nina D., a little bit of a breathing space for a couple of years. let her make her own mistakes, perhaps even meet the man she wants to marry and it won’t happen to be him (Ian). I think, Mr. S is quite a mature person not just age wise but otherwise as well. Overall I don’t think they suit each other but, as I said, I really don’t know what they are like in their personal life and I may be quite mistaken. One thing for sure, she IS still quite young and perhaps didn’t have much chance to “play the field” as you say since she was rather busy with the series and always hanging out with the same crowd.
    By the way, in the show the Elena girl is a pain in the ass and the nasal , whinging, “something really stinking is under my nose” voice and face is not appealing to me, but hey! I am not a man or on a lookout for a girlfriend or wife, am I? :D I know men can get totally blinded by the looks and forget that they (the looks) are gone by the age of 40 or something (in most women anyway). The whinging and bitchiness will remain forever.

  3. Mandy Hoy says:

    If you look at the fashion shoot they did last May, you can see that their eyes are dead. That’s when they broke up. Nina is having fun with all her friends and makes every effort to emphasize this with all the pics on her whatsay profile. Ian is involved with his ISF and other eco/conservation projects. They have moved on from each other. As to Nina starting her career after TVD ends, there are hundreds of actresses vying for roles and there is no guarantee that she will have success.

  4. Harmoni says:

    People are crazy! I think they should get back together. Especially if Ian is full-on-commitment type of guy. i mean, isn’t that what all women look for these days. And I get that Nina is young, but young people go into long-term relationships, like marriage, all the time. You don’t have to make her sound like a _____ because you see her out with different guys. Just because a girl is with a new guy every couple days doesn’t mean they are just sleeping around. Dating is also actually going out to the movies, or grabbing lunch, or just hanging out. Everyone says that they aren’t getting back together and that Ian should just move on, but I think they are SOOOO wrong. Yes, they broke up about a year ago, but couples break up six years and end up getting back together. It sounds like Ian really loves her. And it might just be because I am a HUGE Ian fan, but Nina should give it one more shot. Then, if it doesn’t work out, then move on. Ian is ready to settle down and start his life, if he wants to do that with Nina, then she should at least give it another go. I too, also watch The Vampire Diaries, and regardless of what everyone says, Ian and Nina have a lot of chemistry on the camera, and clearly off as well. Just try is all i’m saying. Don’t you at least owe it to yourselves…?

  5. flora magee says:

    Yeah they are the.perfect couple no matter what what you guys are saying about ian is crap that was the past and start living up your future its not your choice its Ians and Ninas now let them be happy with each other

  6. makayla132 says:

    They should get back together. They could make a long distance relationship work. Even if its tough at times, its not like they wont ever see each other again. Besides they make a real cute couple! And Ian is a really commited guy. I think Nina should give it another go. If it doesnt work out then maybe it wasnt ment to be. But its worth a shot.

    • Arielle says:

      I hope Ian & Nina get back together and eventually get engaged. They always looked so in love.

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  8. Jamie linhogin says:

    hmm , I want them to be together again. I will still ship them even when in the future they have they’re own kids like Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. ( Sorry for my english ).

  9. isha says:

    Shut up Idiots..Neens is dating all the men in the world except Ian Somerhalder..Get it? and stop annoying …Leave Ian out of your dirty articles..He’s way beyond your copycat stale journalism..this crap was already done by teens on twitter&u think this is fresh gossip..?LOL…yeah right..Ian is by the way minding his business far away from tvd set..and Nina was last seen one day ago in the arms or trunk of Julian Tobias,Aussie playboy…you want us to do your work now?lazy lumps..close your blog,it’s stale..and rotten

  10. iandeservesbetterthanthis says:

    Give me a break. This is laughable. Obviously someone from her camp released this to get attention. I’m so sick of these ridiculous articles about Ian pining and chasing after the queen. She’s too immature and shallow. She has nothing in common with Ian. Why people can’t seem to see that is beyond me. Ian has the world of mature women at his feet to choose from. He’s not interested in a little girl. Please stop trying to lower him by using his name to milk publicity for Nina. If she can’t get her own publicity through actual hard work then that’s her problem not Ian’s.

  11. Mandy Hoy says:

    There is no guarantee of either of them having long term success with their acting. Nina is recognizable due to her current TVD gig, but once the show ends things change. Look at other stars of hit shows who struggle to find work when their show ended. Ian has other interests with his outside acting commitments, so he would cope better if things dried up.

  12. Farida Thomson says:

    I think they should get married, they are perfect! Beautiful couple x But that’s their choice not our choice, not anyone’s choice.

  13. aere pietea diease says:

    Yes ofcourse they should get back together. They are perfect for eachother. N sirious relation doesn’t needs distance issue…both have own personal career. so i thnk end of the day their’s love will marge with eachother. Go ian n nina go ahead for relatnship….best wishes.. <3

  14. keke says:

    You are really right I think Stelena is better no shade