Ian Somerhalder Still Friends With Benefits While Nina Dobrev Dates Liam Hemsworth?

Ian Somerhalder Still Friends With Benefits While Nina Dobrev Dates Liam Hemsworth?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up almost a year ago, but they have to stay in touch because they’re co-stars on a hit television show. While The Vampire Diaries isn’t making any waves with its ratings, it remains one of the CW’s highest rated and most consistent shows, which means it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. What does that mean? Well, Nina and Ian better stay friends.. and maybe more? Sources have told us in the past that even after Nina and Ian broke up last year, they may have stayed friends with benefits, a fact that may have led to Nina’s breakup with Derek Hough.

However, there’s really no way of saying whether that has lasted, although we do know that Nina and Ian are still in touch. Alas, now Nina’s supposedly dating and/or hooking up with Liam Hemsworth, so what does that mean for her relationship with Ian? Nina’s a young girl and she just got out a very serious relationship, plus she’s already had her rebound. Is it possible that she’s hooking up with Liam and Ian at the same time, especially if both relationships are casual? I don’t know her, but from everything that’s said about her, Nina’s supposedly one of the nicest people in Hollywood. I don’t really see her cheating on anybody, do you?

Plus, the girl was practically engaged to Ian at one point. I could see her getting back together with him on a temporary basis, but not hooking up with him on the regular with no strings attached. Do you guys agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Ian Somerhalder Still Friends With Benefits While Nina Dobrev Dates Liam Hemsworth?


8 responses to “Ian Somerhalder Still Friends With Benefits While Nina Dobrev Dates Liam Hemsworth?”

  1. MakeHerUp says:

    If its true that girl is stuck in one hot man sandwich.

  2. Clara Tezolin says:



  3. […] being a scandalous porn show there is no way that Liam would go anywhere near Miley, right? We know Ian is still sleeping with Nina so perhaps Miley should chill. Is this just a rebound romance for both of them or could it be the […]

  4. Abeena Daley says:

    Y’all need to leave Ian and Nina alone. They’ve done nothing to you guys. All ya’ll want to do is start drama

  5. guest says:

    LOL really LOL you can not find any other way to report news of nina dobrev other that who she is dating..she seems like a very cold person,to be in a relationship with someone for 3 years and never shed one tear, moved on the very next day partying,making sure to document it all on twitter that she was finally happy no respect for her previous relationship at all even her bff Juliann hough waited a year after her breakup..she just seems very cold and self serving..

  6. justin love says:

    he Is not hot .. do you see his psychotic face?? and he Is so old.. I don like him

  7. justin love says:

    they say Nina date with mark salling , Nate buzolic Liam.. even derek hough when he Is gay.. and now they say that Nina Is with chris evans… like wtf?? please leave Nina alone… she work all day In tvd and does an amazing job.. stop talk bull s*** abaut her

  8. Rhonda Poitras says:

    IF Ian is seeing someone good for him. Nina had agood guy and why should he wait. Not a good reason to break up because he was talking marriage.