Ian Somerhalder Tells Liam Hemsworth “Back Off Nina Dobrev”

Ian Somerhalder Tells Liam Hemsworth "Back Off Nina Dobrev"

Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev? A few months ago, who would have thought? Then again, who would have thought that Nina would break up with Ian Somerhalder so suddenly, and then remain on such good terms with him? I gotta say, their professionalism throughout this whole thing is astounding, especially since they have to work together almost every day. Either their acting skills are vastly underrated, or their breakup truly was amicable. Imagine that – an amicable Hollywood breakup. It’s like spotting a unicorn.

Anyway, whatever Nina and Liam are doing, sources have been whispering that Nina’s ex-boyfriend isn’t too happy about it. Apparently, Ian has already reached out to Liam through common friends and told him [not in so many words] to stay away from Nina. Considering that Liam’s ex-girlfriend was Miley Cyrus and he was rumored to have cheated on her with January Jones, I can’t say I blame Ian for being overly protective. Whether Nina and Liam are legitimately dating or not, Nina doesn’t deserve to be cheated on at some random awards season party. I mean, Miley didn’t deserve to be cheated on either, but that’s all in the past.

I don’t know how much of Ian’s warning Liam will heed, but I’m guessing none of it. But that being said, I don’t think Liam will be as brazen with Nina as he was with Miley. His relationship with Miley was clearly deteriorating at that point, so we don’t really know if it was cheating or if they were on a break. Plus, what if Liam and Nina are just friends with benefits, with no strings attached? Do you think that Nina and Ian are still hooking up like they did while Nina “dated” Derek Hough?

What do you guys think? let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Ian Somerhalder Tells Liam Hemsworth To Back Off Nina Dobrev

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6 responses to “Ian Somerhalder Tells Liam Hemsworth “Back Off Nina Dobrev””

  1. Clara Tezolin says:

    people this website is a liar, Ian did not say that

    that person who posts these things do not like Ian!

  2. Yeah right says:

    LOL! What a load of crap, I’m literally LMAO right now~

  3. DAHELL ? says:

    this is such shit , pure absolute BULSHIT

  4. Guest says:

    You people are so full of hate towards Nina, for what? Are you feeling better feeding media with Nina hate? You must be so lonely and sexually unsatisfied. i mean where did you see a picture of Nina being with other men, besides talking to such., What, she cannot talk to friends and colleagues and if she does that makes her a whore?? If you believe this crap you should believe Ian is a cheater and a womanized who fakes respect to get credit. i mean, he seems to be nice but boy, whf would it take to get you off that white horse you are riding. Just because Nina is nice enough to dance with fans and talk to different people this makes her a fame whore??? I do not know if any of you went to school but you are clearly missing the first 10 years of education…all of you! Get real, this is life not some stupid Nina hate game. And what king of people are enjoying this bullshit??

  5. Jules says:

    Does some body actually get paid to write this rubbish????
    Get a life!!!!

  6. […] Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are still co-workers and friends, if nothing else. And considering that this is Oscar weekend and networking could be everyone’s ticket to their next gig, we’re likely to see them hobnobbing among the elite and stopping by a few industry functions.  Hopefully Liam Hemsworth stays out of the way! […]