Jennifer Aniston Hates The Toxic Tabloids And Wants Everyone To Know She Has Flawless Skin!

Jennifer Aniston Hates The Toxic Tabloids And Wants Everyone To Know She Has Flawless Skin!

Jennifer Aniston is always going off about how much she hates the tabloids, and she sings the same song in a recent interview with the Associated Press. Even though she’s well aware that paparazzi and being talked about are the price of fame, she still doesn’t love the idea of it all. “All that stuff, it’s toxic,” she says.

She goes onto say that it’s important for celebrities to stay humble and graceful, no matter how much success is flowing in his or her direction. “There’s times when you see people climbing and getting success and you start to see, oh, they’re starting to really change,” she explains. “So I always just make the effort to be as humble and grateful as possible.”

What do you think about Jennifer’s statements regarding fame, success, and the “toxic” things associated with it all? She continues: “You just have to work really hard to tune out the noise and the static. Because it gets louder, and people really have an opinion, and you don’t want to shy away from taking chances for fear of what people will say, or living in the wreckage of the future [of] what may be if I do this.”

When asked about her relationship with Justin Theroux, she says that they are completely “non-fabulous” in any way, despite all the “rumors” in the media trying to destroy their engagement. She says that, despite everything, nothing can detract her from the joys in her life.

In other news, Jennifer also hates being told that she looks good “for her age.” 45-year-old Aniston wants everyone to know that “Women and men today in their 40s are so much healthier than they were 30 years ago in their 40s” and that society shouldn’t be so focused on a person’s age.

In other words, she really wants you to use Aveeno lotion, for which she’s the spokeswoman.

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4 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Hates The Toxic Tabloids And Wants Everyone To Know She Has Flawless Skin!”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    its not toxic- its actually light, fun and relaxing/distracting for the masses- to indulge in a little gossip. It should not bother her- she shouldn’t read it- all she as to do is he job- as well as she can. Which makes her millions – out job is to cope with her job/pay scale- which requires rooting out hypocrisy, lying and the negative effects of being a millionaire- seems fair.

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